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Victoria Beckham's Bunion Bonanza

Victoria Beckham returned to the UK over the weekend and immediately got down to the important business of high street shopping; albeit shopping in Marylebone Street. She is thought to be back in England to visit family and prepare for the forthcoming New York City Fall Fashion Week in February. Her fashion design studios are […]

Victoria Beckham loses her baby weight

Despite having just given birth a few minutes ago, it seems that Victoria Beckham is already focused more on regaining her two-stone child body than she is on feeding silicone milk to her new baby. That of Harper Seven. The vacuous footballer’s wife is currently living alone in a 7-bedroom mansion in Malibu that she is […]

Victoria Beckham admits to eating disorders

Victoria Beckham has finally admitted to having suffered from an eating disorder in her first book Learning to Fly in which she tells of her relentless battle to look good. In the book, the former Spice Girl details how she became“obsessed” with her body and with her appearance during the time when her career with the […]

Paris Hilton Tries to Sell Her Stuff to Indians

Obviously, what the world needs most during a recession is a wider choice of ghastly accessories for hideous and ridiculous women who value style over substance. Not even India has been granted immunity from Paris Hilton’s range of handbags.

Mel B wants to have even more kids

It is unclear whether Mel B (Melanie Brown) wants more children in the hope of getting her own council subsidised flat and increased benefits which the British government are always keen to hand out, or if she actually wants kids for the right reasons.

Victoria Beckham has vagina envy over Tana Ramsay

Victoria Beckham’s life never seems to get any easier. Having abandoned her five week old daughter in order to get her lollipop and two gobstoppers figure back at the Steven Spielberg’s very reasonably priced $90,000 per week retreat, the vapid Beckham is now suffering a bout of vagina envy over her supposed best friend Tana Ramsay.

Victoria Beckham: Starving to Lose Baby Weight and Regain Twig Body

Proving once again how utterly bland and superficial she is, Victoria ‘ breasts of a grapefruit tree’ Beckham,is already focussing more on regaining her size zero child body than she is on feeding silicone milk to recently shat out pink-dressed mannequinette and potential infant fashionista, Harper Seven, just five weeks old.

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