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Ivanka Trump Gives Birth – Tweet tweet!

Model, jewellery designer and TV personality (if being a judge on The Apprentice counts) and all round daughter of a squillionaire, Ivanka Trump announced the arrival of her firstborn on Sunday via the dubious public bullhorn of Twitter.

Facebook and the rise of narcissism

From the words in the bible to the works of Salvador Dali, Narcissism has been a blight on individuals and society since the dawn of man. Narcissism is a mental disorder often caused by lack of attention when young, or a belief that the individual is more important then they actually are.

Rihanna and Ciara beef exposed on Twitter

Everyone loves a b**** fight. And a couple of catty comments from some our favourite celebs seemingly have the abiity to fascinate us like nothing else. This week, the spotlight is on R’n’B singers Ciara and Rihanna.

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