Ding Dong the witch is dead: Osama Bin Laden killed again

Reports of Osama Bin Laden’s death are flooding the internet, radio, newspapers and television this morning after an American led operation supposedly tracked down the most notorious terrorist ever to live and asked him to surrender before shooting him in the head.

There have been street parties in New York since the news broke at around 2am US time and president Barack Obama, a man incapable of stringing a coherent answer together without auto-cue, claims the operation to bring Bin Laden to justice has taken eight months to co-ordinate; about the same time it takes him to form a lucid thought.

Obama said he ‘had enough intelligence’ to issue the order. I highly doubt that.

His statement this morning read: “A small team of Americans carried out the operation with extraordinary courage and capability. No Americans were harmed. They took care to avoid civilian casualties. After a firefight, they killed Osama bin Laden and took custody of his body.”

No Americans were harmed. Phew, what a relief.

I believe the dialogue for the confrontation went as follows:

US Navy Seal #1: Give up
Osama Bin Laden: No way

George W Bush wanted Osama Bin Laden dead because he was killing his genocide ratings

One of the greatest terrorists ever to , George W. Bush speaks out on Osama Bin Laden's death

Former president and people’s favourite genocidalist, George W. Bush, said: “This momentous achievement marks a victory for America, for people who seek peace around the world, and for all those who lost loved ones on September 11, 2001.”

“The fight against terror goes on, but tonight America has sent an unmistakable message: No matter how long it takes, justice will be done.”

So even after his reign of terror ended, George W. Bush (you decide what the ‘W’ stands for) is still scare mongering and urging the public into believing that ‘The War Against Terror’ is an endless one.

Indeed several world leaders have made sure we remain fearful of attacks by a vengeful CIA, er, I mean Al Qaeda, such as British puppet David Cameron who has put London (and not Wigan or Tamworth) on terror alert.

Cameron said the American operation would ‘bring great relief to people across the world’, and that ‘it is a great success that he has been found and will no longer be able to pursue his campaign of global terror’.

What campaign is that then? He was made the scapegoat for the horrific 9/11 terror attacks (which are still up for debate as an inside job) and since then has done what exactly? Featured in some episodes of South Park and become the new face of ‘Whack-a-Mole’? Scary stuff.

Bin Laden in Whack-A-Mole game - terrifying

Osama Bin Laden joins the list of whackees in the UN game of Whack-A-Mole

Even the Vatican is throwing its tuppence worth in, saying that it hopes Bin Laden will face the wrath of God for the deaths he has caused, just as prominent Vatican priests and cardinals will have to for all the children they’ve violated.

Alain Juppe, French Foreign Minister told Europe 1 Radio: “Al Qaeda’s structure remains in place, there is a number two and a number three. We have seen this when in Afghanistan a network has been dismantled and right away a replacement appears.”

There certainly is a number two Mr. Juppe and it’s a big, fat juicy steamer as it happens.

And nothing is steaming more so than the back story for this supposed coup. A grey haired old man with a liver complaint hiding out in a Pakistani ranch is confronted by American troops, refuses to surrender and is shot in the head. His body is then taken by said US Navy Seals and is buried at sea “in accordance with Islamic law and traditions”.

Isn’t that convenient. The guy is supposedly responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocent civilians (unlike the tens of thousands of uninnocent civilians who died at the hands of UN troops in their search for Bin Laden) and is the leader of the most fearsome terrorist cell ever, and his Islamic laws and traditions are honoured?

Wouldn’t it be prudent of our leaders to provide proof of his death so that we truly can relax about evil doers in the world? Apparently not.

US Navy Seals cast Bin Laden to the fishes

Despite being the most wanted man on the planet, Osama Bin Laden's Islamic laws are honoured. How convenient.

All in all the ‘primary’ UN leaders seem to be building a case for future terror attacks which keeps us subservient peons in check and allows them to carry out heightened security measures in what appears to be a pincer movement against our civil liberties. Rather than alleviating our fears which the death of a supposed tyrant would do, America, Britain and France are instead ramping up the fear mongering with no apparent justification.

You can be sure we’ll be seeing bills pushed through insisting on the need for ID cards and more CCTV, and undoubetedly many a paranoid finger will point towards FEMA camps and martial law. As drastic as the latter two sound, they are sadly becoming a faint reality further down the social train line if things continue as they are.

America’s spiralling debts and crop failures (proving that GMO crops do not yield better harvests than organic crops) mean that civil unrest is just around the corner; panic buying of food and fuel could lead to riots and protests again as prices continue to escalate.
Wait, what am I talking about? Silly me, we just killed the evilest, horibblest, killeriest, terroriestic man alive (dead) – OSAMA BIN LADEN. And here’s the photo to prove it.

Despite being shot in the head Osama Bin Laden managed to keep his trademark smile

Osama Bin Laden is turned into an ash tray by US Navy Seals in Pakistan

And here’s Barack Obama telling us that he ordered it to happen, and that it did happen making him a doer, meaning we can all sleep peacefully at night safe in the knowledge that Super Barack Obama Bin Laden is here to protect us.
Good night World, go back to sleep.


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Smallpox? Bigpox more like.

Often described as the most devastating disease in human history, you’d think they’d have renamed it bigpox by now.

There have been no known naturally acquired cases of el pox since 1977, the eradication of which is seen as one of the greatest modern medical achievements (That and those ‘flesh coloured’ cold sore disks that stand out like peach targets). All that exists of the virulent bugger are samples kept by both the USA and Russia and it’s these samples that are currently causing controversy.

The World Health Organization [WHO] meet during May and will decide the fate of these samples. Should all known traces be incinerated to avoid a potential accidental release, as happened in 1978 causing a single death, or should the samples be preserved, in order that scientists can study them more and get as much information as possible in therefore preventing a potential future epidemic?

Smallpox - Bloody unpleasant.

In an excerpt from his book Smallpox: Death of a Disease, published by Prometheus Books, author and previous director of the campaign to eradicate smallpox, Dr DA Henderson says, “If it’s destroyed, the statement is made that after this date, any scientists, any lab, any country that has that smallpox virus is guilty of crimes against humanity.”

Others feel that the type of person capable of wilfully releasing the virus – ie terrorists – will not be put off by the ‘crime against humanity’ label for possessing it and it might actually make the virus more attractive to them.  They argue, in fact, that without the live virus, scientists will be unable to prepare for such an event which creates a paradox.

“It would be very important to have something on the shelf that would help prevent or treat an epidemic, whether a virus was introduced by a terrorist or Mother Nature,” according to chief scientific officer of the pharmaceutical company SIGA, Dennis Hruby. SIGA is currently developing a treatment for smallpox. Hruby claims that humans are susceptible to other pox-like viruses and that it is highly likely that smallpox could re-emerge.

That’s so smallpox.

In 2002, scientists created a synthetic virus – worryingly by using instructions they’d found on the internet, meaning that even if it is destroyed, the virus could still be manufactured by some nutjob knob jockey terrorist. Or pharmaceutical company who could then develop a vaccine and sell it to the public at an extortionate price.

Did I type that or just think it?

[adsense]Eckard Wimmer, a professor at Stony Brook University in NYC, is in favor of destroying the virus outright, as he claims it would not be an easy virus to synthesize in a laboratory setting. There is no doubt a recipe for it somewhere on the internet. Look harder Wimmer. Look harder.

“Not only would you have to have experience, you have to have extensive laboratory space, high containment so it would not contaminate the surroundings, and expensive instruments; all of this poses a barrier for malicious intent,” according to Wimmer. “If a government wanted to do that, they would have the resources. But we in the scientific community hope that this will not happen, because in a sense somebody who would release the virus would ultimately hurt him or herself, because the virus will come back. The people who synthesize it may be protected, but their relatives, their friends and the community in which they live, the state in which they live, will not be protected.”

It is said that smallpox has caused more human deaths across the centuries than any other virus. It is a virus unique to human beings, and given our overpopulation now it means that an outbreak could in theory wipe us out entirely, leaving other less virulent species to inhabit the earth without being tortured, poisoned, or hit by cars etc. Doesn’t sound like such a bad thing does it? Yeah we’d miss the finale of We’ve got absolutely no celebrity talent idol, get us out of here but at least we wouldn’t have to go to work, right?

Sadly as a species I think we’ve probably already irrevocably damaged the planet. Ho hum. And I don’t really want to die yet. Who would stop my dog from being stolen by street beggars, tortured by sadists or hit by a car…  Oh, now I get it.

Leave a comment with your thoughts on Smallpox and the rise of stupidity.

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“Terrorists threaten food supplies” according to anonymous source

News broke today that an anonymous source has told CBS news that terrorists are threatening to use Ricin or Cyanide in salad bars at restaurants and other food supplies.

While scare tactics may work on some people, the wiser among us will know that this is all it amounts to – more fear mongering – and an “anonymous source” means no way to prove or disprove the story, completely invalidating its integrity.

Let’s stick with the facts instead. If supposed terrorists want to poison the food supplies they need to get to the back of the queue, as most major food manufacturers have already beaten them to it.

Consume any product containing Aspartame and you’re poisoning your body. Aspartame can cause neurological disorders and is linked to cancer, yet is widely accepted as a sugar substitute. Almost anything non-organic that contains sweeteners (non-sugar) is using aspartame. Next time you buy a diet variation of your favourite soda, check the label then check the studies.

Then there is MSG. Monosodium glutamate is a flavour enhancer that works much like salt. It was outlawed for a while due to its addictive qualities, but it is also a neurotoxin that encourages obesity and cancer. MSG, also seen as E621 on food packaging, has made a come back under many different names, including yeast extract in “natural foods”, senomyx, sodium caseinate, textured protein and autolyzed plant protein.

An even more dangerous chemical additive is sodium nitrite, a chemical used in creating dyes, printing fabrics and bleaching textiles, as well as photographic processing. It is also used as a preservative in meat and fish products. Sodium nitrite triggers aggressive cancers, even in children, yet the FDA and USDA have approved it for human consumption.

The list doesn’t end there either, as genetically modified corn is thought to be incredibly harmful to the human body, and some believe it could lead to mutations in future generations.

You can also find mercury, acrylamides, petrochemicals, pesticide residues and artificial colours that all have extremely detrimental effects on our bodies.

The bottom line is that with so many dubious chemicals in processed food nowadays, a terrorist organisation would have a harder time generating a higher body count than food manufacturers will in the coming years.

If you want to live a healthier life without fear of terrorism, you could start by growing your own food at home in the garden, or visit your local farmer’s market for some wholesome, organic food, and save yourself a few dollars by avoiding restaurants that sell genetically modified foods full of chemicals and preservatives.

Do you believe this terrorist threat? And what about processed food, are you bothered that it is full of chemicals? Let us know by leaving a comment.

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