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Flu symptoms – dealing with flu the drug free way

There was a time when the flu (influenza) was a seasonal virus which occurred between late autumn and spring. These days the virus has become a perennial one, and the battle against flu seems never ending. Natural remedies are becoming increasingly popular to deal with flu.

Flu treatment season, more lies and misinformation?

Swine Flu, Stomach Flu, Influenza, whatever it is and whatever it is called, it is always hitting the headlines. Where is it from, where is it heading, who will it take out in the process, what’s it called and who’s to blame?

Return of the deadly swine flu?

At this time of year we’re guaranteed a cold, or in worse cases flu or pneumonia. In April 2009, on the cusp of winter and spring, the world was gripped by a new epidemic, namely swine flu. Fears are renewed this year after 10 deaths in the past 3 months have been attributed to swine flu.

Swine flu claims further victims in the United States

According to reports, two individuals in Massachusetts have died as a result of contracting swine flu. One was an adult, the other a child of just three years of age. Further deaths in North Carolina leave health officials wondering whether the H1N1 virus is mutating.

Swine flu

The new buzz word that seems to be on everyone’s mind is “Swine Flu”. The continual spread and the extra coverage given on the news channels have left a lot of people in a state of confusion and dilemma.

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