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DJ Adam Goldstein's accidental death

Adam ‘DJ AM’ Goldstein was found in his apartment after a friend reportedly went to his apartment to check on him. There was no response at the door so he called the police who gained access to the star’s home where they found his body. Police found several bottles of prescription medication in the DJ’s […]

Lady Gaga jumps on Jamey Rodemeyer suicide

Our favourite celebrity self-hawker Lady Gaga is back in the news today (as if she was ever out of it) , this time on the rampage against bullying after Jamey Rodemeyer’s suicide.

27 Club Inducts a New Member: Amy Winehouse

At the age of 27, Amy Winehouse’s so-called ‘untimely’ death affords her lifetime membership to the 27 Club – a group of notable musicians who also died at the age of 27.

Shamy Winehouse is Dead: Does Anyone Really Care?

So the world’s most famous alcoholic and junkie – the car crash that was Amy Winehouse – is dead at last, putting herself out of what appeared to be a miserable quagmire of destructive addiction. No one is surprised but every one shocked.

Bond girl dead after drinking drain cleaner

Former James Bond bombshell Angela Scoular has died after drinking chemical fluid in the form of drain cleaner and pouring it over her body, an inquest in London heard on Wednesday.

Death Race 2011: Wacky Races for frat boys

Say the words ‘Death Race’ and most of us probably imagine the 1975 classic high speed, macho, sci-fi romp starring Sylvester Stallone and David Carradine as a bunch of futuristic, Wacky Racer-esque petrol heads trying to kill each other in between bouts of shambolic,naked 70‘s style gratuity.

Kurt Cobain burned out but has never faded away

Kurt Cobain was a known bi-polar sufferer and his lyrics painted the picture of a man completely at odds with himself and Nirvana died the day their talismanic front man injected lead into his cranium through a 12-guage syringe.

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