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Stephen J Cannell died as a result of Melanoma

Author and TV director Stephen J. Cannell lost his battle against melanoma (a type of skin cancer) after complications arising from the disease at the age of 69. He is best remembered for his smash hit TV shows The Rockford Files which starred James Garner (now an incredible 84 years old) as a maverick private […]

Suntan culture: Dying for your vanity

I still see the holidaymakers splayed across the beach like badly creosoted lobster or lined up like a row of old moccasins in a second hand shoe shop in search of the perfect suntan.

Elizabeth Taylor hospitalized with heart failure

The eight-times married screen legend Elizabth Taylor has been admitted to Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre in Los Angeles and is receiving treatment for congestive heart failure, a condition she disclosed she had in 2004.

Skin cancer? No thanks, but is spray tanning safe?

Most people will make the mistake of going for the sun bed approach; marinating themselves in oil and slipping between the stark, glowing panels of a potential cancer machine while they slow cook to death. Sun tans just aren’t that healthy.

Homeland Security Chief Janet Napolitano lies to the public?

Head of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, is today in the firing line after apparently lying to the American people about airport security in an attempt to stem waves of public backlash and outrage at what the people perceive as breaches of civil rights. Big sis is lying to us.

Jenna Jameson switches from porn star role to that of doting mother

Widely acknowledged as the world’s most famous adult entertainer, Jenna Jameson has revealed that the decision to become a mother was the moment she made the choice to rehaul her life, quitting her career as porn star to give her babies a chance of having a “normal” upbringing.

HPV linked to skin cancer

A new study has found human papillomaviruses can be responsible for increasing chances of getting common types of skin cancer

Vaccine to cure skin cancer developed

New vaccine showed tremendous response in fighting melanoma and resulted in complete eradication of skin cancer causing tumour from the body. Celebrities who have had to do with skin cancer include Melanie Griffith.

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