Hugh Hefner says he had sex once a week with 24-year-old ex

Oh deary me. As if it wasn’t embarrassing enough to see Hugh Hefner declare yet another engagement to a blonde 20-something-year-old Playboy bunny, but to then have to defend statements issued to the media by said Playboy bunny, is almost too much to bear.

Crystal Harris, 25, agreed to marry the 84-year-old tycoon at the end of last year. To everyone’s shock and surprise, it turns out Crystal was actually rather put off by the idea of having sex with a man who could (at a stretch) be old enough to be her great-grandfather.

In an interview with Harold Stern, after she walked out on Hef, Harris apparrently said the couple only had sex once and that it lasted “like two seconds”. She added that she was “not turned on by Hef” and “had never seen him naked”.

Crystal Harris aka gold-digging, attention-seeking whore

Some may ask the question as to why she then consented to marrying the pensioner. Or, like so often is the case, things just are what they seem. I don’t think it is unfair to say that Harris has truly exposed herself as a gold-digging, attention-seeking whore.

And in light of these remarks, Hef has managed to expose himself as a sad old man who is trying to make his luck with young porn stars last as long as he can (and at any expense).

“We had sex once a week,” he claims. A completely normal amount for a 25-year-old about to get married, I’m sure.

But there’s more. In a further attempt to win back his macho image and restore his reputation, he does his best to wangle in a story about the couple’s ever-so-romantic first meeting:

“We had sex with her and a girlfriend,” he tells The Hollywood Reporter. “We had sex the first night that we met with another girl, and it was such a nice relationship that I kept them both over for a weekend.”

[adsense]He also says that it was Harris, who was into the idea of marriage, not him. (Can’t think why). Anyway, the point is that Hef has quickly found consolation in not one, but TWO new bunnies. Click here to read the full story. And he has not given up on the idea of love just yet.

“I’m looking for a partner,” he says. “A romantic partner.”

God knows, there might be another 6 years left in him.

Kirstie Alley doesn't just want sex anymore

At the (wise) age of 60, Kirstie Alley has finally realised that there is not too much to be said for casual sex.

“The easiest thing on this planet is to [find sex], but I don’t see the merit in that,” she says. “What I’m looking for is someone who loves me deeply and is madly in love with me, for me.”

Alley, who has been married twice and rediscovered the goddess in herself after having dropped 100 lbs, tells us that it is important to acknowledge your own mistakes when relationships don’t work out. “I think when you get into the mind-set of, ‘Oh, this guy did this to me’, you aren’t taking responsibility. In the final hour, it’s actually what you did to you.”

Kirstie Alley used to be a porker

But she hasn’t given up hope! Will true love come her way?

“Certainly. For me, it’s all about love,” she says. “I wasn’t looking for the right thing before. … I want someone who has my back. And if I’m being attacked, they fricking attack back. Now, that’s bravery.”

And with the new weight loss, the sky’s the limit. If you think 60 is an age to start reconsidering the length of your skirt and how low your top goes, think again. When Alley hit the 100 lb mark, it was time to paaaarrrtaaayyyy like she was 40.

“When I hit that mark, I went, ‘That’s it!’ ” Alley tells PEOPLE during her stay in a villa outside Florence, Italy. “I have more energy than I’ve ever had in my whole life.”

Wistfully, she recalls her fat years: “My body had gotten really weak,” says Alley, whose weight at that time hovered around 230 lbs. “There was nothing positive about being fat.”

It was when Alley was invited to appear on Dancing With The Stars (for those of you who don’t know, this is a programme where z-list celebrities try to boost their profile by attempting to learn how to dance with the help of professionals and be judged by a bunch of equally unimpressive celebrities and the be voted off by a drooling audience). As the calorie-busting moves had started to help shift some pounds off Alley’s hips, she decided to boost what had been set into motion by making her diet exclusively organic and following a diet plan of her own creation, Organic Liason – a magical combination between organic food and Scientology.

Now, all is dandy. “I feel back to normal,” says Alley, now a proud size 6. “I have my game again. What I’m looking for is to be madly, deeply in love. “For the first time in my life, I know exactly what I want in a man,” she says. “I want someone who has my back, who is courageous and brave.”

Yes, we already heard that. But good luck to you.

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Sinead O'Connor sells herself for sex, not with it

In a world where celebrities thrive on selling themselves using sex as the great lure, it is perhaps a refreshing change to read Sinead O’Connor‘s latest blog in which she uses her undeniable charm to express her need for a damn good seeing to.

Most famous for her 90’s hit Nothing Compares To You and various publicly outspoken spats, especially with the Catholic shurch, O’Connor has foregone the usual trend of sexing herself up to sell records in a Naomi Klein-esque fashion and has instead allowed herself to be whatever it is she’s supposed to be.

Sinead O'Connor has abandoned the pin-up image and in doing so lost her sex life.

One of the downsides of her anti-image posturing is the lack of sex and Sinead has turned to the internet in a bid to change her fortunes in the sack.

Her blog is entitled, Is Sinead About To Hump Her Truck? and in it the 44-year-old bares all about her enforced celibacy and even intimates that nearby fruit and vegetables may be the victim of rape should her involuntary abstinence continue.

Is Sinead about to hump her truck?

“My sh*t-uation sexually/affectionately speaking is so dire that inanimate objects are starting to look good as are inappropriate and/or unavailable men and/or inappropriate and/or unavailable fruits and vegetables,” wrote O’Connor.

“Needless to say what I do for a living makes it hard for me to find men that only want me cuz they like my (legendary) arse. Yet I am in the peak of my sexual prime and way too lovely to be living like a nun. and it’s VERY depressing.”

Not shy in courting controversy Sinead canned ideas of joining a famous match-maker site on the grounds that most of the men there are already betrothed and are just looking for a dirty fiddle on the side – a situation which goes against her strong principles.

Sinead O'Connor as she was in the 1990's.

Clearly feeling down on herself (a symptom of bipolar disorder which she suffered with for years) O’Connor then wrote, “Am in desperate need of a very sweet sex-starved man, must be blind enough to think I’m gorgeous.”

There’s attention seeking and attention seeking. The humour and sincerity in her blog is there for all to see and it’s a far cry from the disgusting tactics employed by media whore Lady Gaga when she used the death of Amy Winehouse to sell her latest single.

Who's a lucky banana then? (Or not, depending on your preference).

No doubt O’Connor’s plea will stimulate interest from a lot of suitors but for that added extra incentive she closed with the statement: “I must end now as I have a hot date with a banana.”

Dirty old skinhead.

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Billy Bob Thornton likes to take it slow

Billy Bob Thornton clearly has the right attitude when it comes to living a more fulfilling life.

The 55-year-old ‘love him or hate him’ actor who has plied his trade in a wide range of interesting film roles including a drunken St. Nicholas with a penchant for theft and anal sex in Bad Santa, as well as Sling Blade which was written and directed by Thornton who gave an excellent portrayal of Karl Childers, a former psychiatric patient with mental impairment who is befriended by a mother and her son in rural Arkansas. She is bullied by an abusive boyfriend and his relationship with the family leads Childers into regrettable situation involving a lawn mower blade and a biker’s skull.

Billy Bob Thornton as the macabre yet sensitive Karl Childers in Sling Blade

In his personal life Thornton is less crazy although a slew of unsuccessful marriages might lead you to the conclusion that is hasn’t always been that way. His former wives include Angelina Jolie, Cynda Williams and Playboy’s Pietra Dawn Cherniak, but after landing the role of a drug abusing cop in Faster, Thornton feels that life should be an easier, slower ride – especially where relationships and sex are concerned.

Having been a substance abuser himself in the past Billy Bob knows that the modern pace of life is way too fast and instant, and he has voiced his feelings over ‘quickies’ stating they’re far from satisfying. And rightly so, after all if you purport to enjoy sex, why not make it last?

On the matter Thornton said: “Quickies are overrated. Sex is always better when it’s done slowly.”

Playing the police officer with drug problems was a timely reminder for the veteran actor who admits to a drug addled past, but has kept himself clean for 30 years now where pot is concerned. He still struggles with the notion of smoking cannabis as he gets too paranoid and anxious on the stuff.

[adsense]”I don’t even smoke pot. I get palpitations if I smoke a joint and I start imagining the FBI is after me. I haven’t touched drugs for 30 years now,” said the healthy minded Thornton.

And his aversion to modern living doesn’t end with quickies and drugs as he also finds gadgets and technology irksome and invasive. He has old-fashioned values, doesn’t own a mobile phone and hasn’t got a clue how to navigate the World Wide Web.

“Modern technology robs our lives of their heart and soul. I write everything by hand.”

Amen to that Billy Bob.

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Justin Bieber abortion remarks taken out of context

At 16 years of age it seems Justin Bieber is an expert on everything. In a recent interview the current face of corporate pop shared his feelings and beliefs about sex and abortion.

His mother, Pattie Mallette was only 18 when she gave birth to Bieber, after which she became an evangelist Christian. You know the evangelists; they shout a lot and talk utter nonsense. Bieber has let his fans know that his mother has instilled Christian values in him too.

A bunch of cells that resemble a small human.

‘I really don’t believe in abortion, ‘I think (a foetus) is a human. It’s like killing a baby.’ said Justin.

Well, it does exist, and is in fact a good thing for a lot of women.

If a woman became pregnant through rape would it not be acceptable for her have the foetus removed? Or how about safe sex gone wrong? Would it be morally wrong for her to have a bunch of cells removed? Because that’s what a foetus is; a gathering of cells which are forming into a human being. They have no personality or consciousness; they aren’t sentient yet.

Just cells, nothing more.

In fairness to Bieber Rolling Stone magazine were asking really impertinent questions, and it smacks of a reporter trying to make the kid look bad. That said, it’s great for children to have ideas about things but he really needs to look at the facts before making such biased and rash statements in response, or at least learn to deflect the question. He has clearly been force-fed Christianity and as such his views come from a narrow spectrum.

[adsense]As for sex, Justin claims that it’s better to wait for someone you love to come along than just take the first opportunity.

In an interview with Rolling Stone he said, “I don’t think you should have sex with anyone unless you love them, I think you should just wait for the person you’re…in love with.’

He has a point, but perhaps he should go one further and not bother having sex at all. That way there’d be no chance of his ‘loved’ one needing an abortion if things didn’t go to plan.

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Child pornography allegations: advertisers pull our of MTV’s controversial Skins show

Is MTV’s new drama Skins child porn? This is the question being hotly debated in the blogosphere.  And amid concern that the controversial series, rife with teen sex and drug abuse, is running afoul of child porn laws, advertisers Wrigley, General Motors and H&R Block have followed Taco Bell’s lead and pulled out of Skins.

“Wrigley has decided to suspend any advertising during MTV’s ‘Skins’ as it is never our intent to endorse content that could offend our consumers. Any ads that previously aired during the show were part of a broader advertising plan with the network,” the company said in a statement.

The Parents Television Council, which has 1.3 million members, has labelled the show as “the most dangerous program ever for children.” In the first episode alone, the PTC counted  — ” in addition to the sexual content on the show involving cast members as young as 15″ — 42 depictions and references to drugs and alcohol.

MTV is now fretting that there will be some severe legal repercussion and has already edited out some of the more explicit content from future episodes. However, Ian Friedman, an attorney specializing in  computer-based sex offenses, told FOX411: “While the images that are portrayed on television may be considered legal, that may not be the case for the edited footage. If that actor is underage and under the age of consent, possessing that raw footage may be problematic.”

[adsense]For all the critics out there, there are people insisting that Skins is a reflection of real life. Jessica Bennett from Newsweek, for example, told CBS News: “Real kids have sex, real kids get pregnant, real kids drink, they experiment with drugs, many of them struggle with eating disorders, and what we’re seeing in Skins is a lot of things that kids can relate to.”

Members of the cast have also spoken out. James Newman, who plays Tony, said: “Things like this certainly happen [in real life]. I don’t think they necessarily happen with the frequency that it happens on Skins, but it’s TV and we want it to be entertaining and it helps from a standpoint on sex and drugs. I think as far as relationships the friends have with each other and the emotions, that stuff is dead-on, spot for spot what we went through in high school. Any time you see sex and drugs on Skins, it’s about the story. It’s never that for the sake of that.”

Has MTV gone too far or are things being blown out of proportion? Let us know what your take is on the sex and drug-fuelled series by leaving a comment.

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Myths and facts about genital herpes

For all the millions of people diagnosed with genital herpes each year, there are millions more who have been infected with the sexually transmitted disease, unbeknownst to them.

Genital herpes is caused by the highly contagious herpes simplex virus which affects the genital region, with break outs often also occuring on the face, causing cold sores. It can also lead to whitlows, which appear on the hands.

Unfortunately misinformation is rampant when it comes to the virus, of which there are two strands — HSV-2 and the more common HSV-1.

Here are some of the most common facts and myths regarding herpes:


Sex is off limits afer a proven infection

Fact: An infected person can still have sex, but it is important to abstain from sexual contact if you have symptoms, or oral or genital sores. If you are asymptomatic (you don’t have any signs or symptoms, but the virus is still present on the skin), you could still be contagious and so it is important to use condoms. Antiviral drugs suppress symptomatic and asymptomatic symptoms and drugs such as acyclovir, valaciclover and famiclovir have been shown to reduce asymptomatic HSV shedding by as much as 80 – 90%.



Having herpes is a sign that you are promiscuous

Fact: Herpes is very common and can affect anyone who has ever had sex. The number of sexual partners is not a factor in contracting the disease as, contrary to other STDs, genital herpes persists indefinitely and can be transmitted for many years, perhaps for life. Anytime that you practice unsafe sex, even with a  loved one, you increase your risk for all STDs.


Cold sores and herpes and two entirely different things

Fact: Cold sores act as a form of herpes and like herpes, stem from the herpes simplex virus. If you have oral-genital sex with someone who has a cold sore, this virus can give you genital herpes. Both types of the herpes virus can infect any region of the body if not treated. Merely touching a blister or herpes sore is enough for the infection to spread to other body parts.


You can get genital herpes from toilet seats and other inanimate objects

Fact: The genital herpes virus dries out when it is exposed to air, and is quite fragile.  The microorganisms that cause genital herpes can’t survive outside the human body on a surface like a toilet seat for very long. There have been no proven cases of genital herpes transmission from a toilet seat.

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Celebrities who reportedly carry the herpes virus include actors Robin Williams, David Hasselhoff and Liza Minnelli.

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Sexually Transmitted Disease: Chlamydia

Chlamydia is the most prevalent sexually transmitted disease (STD) in America, caused by the bacteriumchlamydia trachomatis.

The curable infection, which affects up to one in ten sexually active young people and up to three to four million people each year, is found in the semen and vaginal fluids and is usually spread during vaginal, anal or oral sex. It can also be passed from a pregnant woman to her baby.


Chlamydia is often referred to as the “silent infection” as it often remains undiagnosed because there are usually either no symptoms or they are so mild, that they can be mistaken for a bladder or vaginal infection. Symptoms can take anywhere between one to three weeks to appear, or several months later, or only when the infection has spread to other parts of the body.

Symptoms include a burning sensation when urinating and an abnormal discharge from the penis or vagina. Men can suffer from swollen or painful testicles and women may experience vaginal bleeding between periods or during or after sex, as well as lower abdominal pain.

The “quiet love bug” is often confused with gonorrhea because the symptoms of both diseases are similar.


Testing involves taking a sample of cells using a swab (like a cotton bud) from the vagina or urethra, or from the rectun or throat if you have had anal or oral sex. A urine sample may also be tested. If you have symptoms of conjunctivitus (discharge from the eye), your eyes will also be tested.

Chlamydia can successfully be treated with antibiotics. Left untreated, the infection can pose serious health threats including pregnancy complications, infertility and athritis.


Avoiding Chlamydia:

A mutually monogamous relationship with an uninfected partner is one way to avoid the infection and every time you have a new sexual partner you should be tested. Using condoms during intercourse usually prevents infection.

Interesting facts:

“The quiet love bug” was first seen under a microscope in 1907, but it was already documented in a 5,000-year-old Egyptian document called the Ebers Papyrus.

Today infection of the eyes by a strain of chlamydia is the leading cause of preventable blindness in developing nations. In ancient times treatment for this involved using a combination of castor oil tree leaves, goose grease and breast milk! Interestingly, breast milk is known to have anti-chlamydial activity, according to a 1997 report.

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Jenna Jameson switches from porn star role to that of doting mother

Jenna Jameson has revealed that the decision to become a mother was the moment she made the choice to rehaul her life, quitting her career as porn star to give her babies a chance of having a “normal” upbringing.

Widely acknowledged as the world’s most famous adult entertainer, Jameson has been slowly taking the necessary moves to distance herself from her x-rated past and slip into her new, wholesome role as a mom.

She made major headway already in 2006 when she sold her lucrative porn empire to Playboy, followed shortly by her decision to have her trademark breast implants removed.

In the December issue of W magazine, Jenna said: “I thought, I’m getting rid of these things. I don’t need them anymore,” adding that she was surprised to discover that she was a natural at breast feeding.

When it comes to telling her twin boys what her job used to be, Jenna said : “I really don’t think I need to say, ‘Mommy was a porn star.'”

“I feel like they’re going to know me and think, Mommy loved us so much that she quit everything and made us her job.”

In 2004, shortly after Jameson was diagnosed with skin cancer she suffered a miscarriage and she struggled to fall pregnant again, even with in vitro fertilization. In 2009 she announced that she was expecting twins with former UFC champion Tito Oritz and today the family is happily settled in the countryide of California.

“Here I’m not ‘Jenna Jameson’; I’m just one of the moms who walk a double stroller everyday,” she explained. ” I’m a normal girl with all the same worries and insecurities. I just happen to have done porn.”

With Jameson saying that she “won’t even do a Maxim cover now”, does this mean she will be disappearing of the radar entirely?

Her fans need not fret. While appearing in the buff is no longer on the former porn star’s agenda, the 36 year old apparently has her sights set on a singing and acting stage career, and she will reportedly be making her Broadway debut in the musical Rock of Ages.

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Penthouse creator Bob Guccione has died

Penthouse magazine founder Bob Guccione has died aged 79 at Plano Speciality Hospital, Dallas, after a long running battle with cancer.

Although Brooklyn-born, Guccione moved to England and he worked with Derek Jameson at The London American where he hatched the idea of Penthouse.  The magazine was first published in England in 1965 and tried successfully to grab a slice of Playboy’s market.  It went to print in America for the first time in 1969, coinciding with the peak of the feminist movement.

People thought Guccione was mad at first, pointing out that Playboy controlled the market to which he would reply, “If there’s room for one there’s room for two.”

He was proved to be right.  The adult publication which lauded itself as “the magazine of sex, politics and protest,” soon challenged Playboy with its tabloid style journalism and more graphic photographic content.

Guccione’s empire began to crumble in the mid 1990s.  He eventually resigned as editor and lived a solitary existence at his thirty bedroom townhouse in Manhatton.  He developed cancer on his tongue and in a n interview with New York Magazine he said, “My cancer was only a tiny tumor about the size of an almond at the base of my tongue.”

“The cure is probably every bit as bad as the disease. It’s affected my ability to swallow . . . the mobility of my tongue . . . it makes it very difficult for me to talk. I hope your machine understands me.”

The disease claimed his life last night.

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