Why obesity shouldn't figure in Chris Christie's presidential campaign

When it comes to big shoes you need big feet to fill them and Chris Christie is one of the biggest. While he decides whether to run for president or not, the media is making a mountain of the man’s weight and the blogosphere is adding its slice of cake to the party too.

The real debate of course is the kind of message having an overweight president sends out to the world. Well, that’s the debate raging in the media, not here at CWD.

Chris Christie has openly admitted to struggling with his weight as well as asthma but should that really be a barrier to him becoming the next American leader?

Chris Christie - yeah he's obese, so what?

Some are stating that having a ‘fat’ president (representing the 33% of US citizens who are clinically obese) would make a laughing stock of the country. Because successive, fruitless wars against Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya haven’t done that at all.

Before Barack Obama there had never been a black president (not that he’s actually black) but there was no abuse hurled at him in the media because of his colour as there would have been such an almighty uproar that civil war would have broken out. The LA riots would seem like a sneeze in comparison.

America's first, almost black president - Barack Obama.

So what’s really happening with Chris Christie is a public mocking about his weight because that is still apparently acceptable. We’re witnessing a level of discrimination which would not be tolerated for a second if it was levelled at a disabled person, or one of the many ethnic minorities.

By the logic of those who claim an obese president sends the wrong message, a black president would do the same, as would a female president or a wheelchair bound president. Leadership is not about a person’s size, colour, gender or physical ability; it’s about leadership and affinity, sensitivity and strength. A president carries the weight of all its citizens expectations and hopes, non-physical things which don’t require a Brad Pitt or Angleina Jolie lookalike to fulfill them.

Would Sarah Palin make a better candidate? No, in my humble opinion, she would not.


Nothing to do with her gender, in fact women generally make better bosses than men because they are far less monomanic and far more aware of their surroundings. No, Sarah Palin would make a terrible president because she is vengeful, tactless and comes across as quite unintelligent. Add to that her daughter’s continuous blunders and the family’s general ‘do anything for publicity’ policy (a la reality TV) and you have a very ugly candidacy.

An image all too familiar with Sarah Palin. Foreign policy anyone?

Other speculation being fired at Christie relates to follow on conditions from obesity such as diabetes, high blood pressure, lethargy and heart conditions, which, some are suggesting would lead him to be unable to complete his tenure as president.

What they don’t discuss is the fact that with the right help and direction, Christie could shed tens of pounds very quickly and reduce the risk of secondary illness, whereas Sarah Palin would need a personality makeover to correct discrepancies. The same goes for John McCain who suffered with melanoma; what’s to suggest a recurrence of that wouldn’t mean a premature end to his presidency?

Every candidate is a risk in some capacity or other so why pick on Chris Christie because of his size? Surely he should win or lose on his policies and ideas, nothing else.

Motor Neurone Disease didn't stop Stephen Hawking so why should weight be an issue for Chris Christie?

Maybe once installed as the new president Christie could pass some bills to end mass food production and usher in a new age of organic, localised farming which is better for our health, the environment around us and the animals involved. Regardless of their weight, that’s the kind of president I’d like to see.

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Bristol Palin in homophobic PR setback

Seems the Palins just can’t keep themselves out of the news these days and if it’s not Sarah Palin with her foot firmly planted in her mouth, it’s young, single mom Bristol Palin who can’t manage to do anything right.

The way they conduct their lives has made them less of a viable political and homely presidential candidate and more of a season of the Osbournes. For all her rhetoric, Sarah Palin is as stupid as she is arrogant – a perfect president in the making.

Bristol on the other hand behaves like a preacher’s daughter doing just about everything she can to destabilise her mother’s political career, whether she realises it or not. Not that her mom needs any help of course.

Three generations of Palin. There is no hope for mankind if this kind of banality is the best we have to aspire to.

Now, before we get to the reasons why Bristol Palin has been accused of homophobia, let it be clear that this is not an anti-republican rant, in fact there is absolutely no political agenda here what so ever; merely observations of stupid people doing stupid things which is always entertaining.

So why was Bristol Palin accused of homophobia?

On Thursday night the potential presidential daughter and reality TV star went to the Saddle Ranch in Hollywood, California to shoot some footage for her forthcoming reality TV show. That in itself tells us enough – publicity for the Palin name at all costs.

Turns out that instead of fans waiting to greet her as she mounted the mechanical bull (just to show the world what a down to earth, girl next door type she really is) some drunk and angry cowboys hurled abuse at her.

The opening gambit intended to humiliate her was, “Did you ride Levi like that? Your mother’s a whore.”

Stephen Hanks was asking the poignant questions, a 47-year-old homosexual according to Bristol. After further argument and abuse from Hanks, including him calling Sarah Palin “the fucking devil”, Bristol, with the cameras rolling, asked the agitated Hanks if he hated her mother because he was gay.

Stephen Hanks and Bristol Palin have a showdown at the ranch. Homophobic accusations follow.

Since then her representative has been treading on egg shells to assure the public that his client is not homophobic, although anti-tea-partyers will be loving the negative attention this latest Palin blunder has brought the Republicans.

Her rep’s statement read: “(Bristol) was approached in a confrontational and inappropriate manner when two men aggressively shouted expletives aimed at her in reference to her mother. Bristol responded to the unprovoked verbal assault by calmly standing her ground and defending her family.”

Bristol’s line of defence and questioning comes on the back of a series of inflammatory remarks made by her mother towards the gay community. Tact has never been one of her strong points and it seems her political career is becoming something of a carousel and a fiasco, with her unable to keep comical errors out of her every utterance.

It’s fairly apparent that Bristol isn’t homophobic, she’s just a bit thick and tactless like her mother.

Whether this latest Palin gaff will lead to anything disastrous remains to be seen, but there are those out there who relish seeing the family, who are doing their utmost to blur the lines between TV stars and politicians, fall flat on their faces, shrivel up and disappear from our lives. For now though, whatever it takes to keep themselves in the public eye, after all, it makes for great television, right?

Reality TV - the future of television. Bristol Palin is becoming a permanent fixture.

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Ashley Turton killed in car blaze

News has emerged this morning that Washington energy lobbyist and former Capitol Hill aide Ashley Turton, 37, was horrifically killed on Monday. She was trapped inside a burning BMW, believed to be her own car, which was parked inside the partially burned garage at her Capitol Hill home.

The mother of three and wife of White House Aide, Daniel Turton, was found in the burned wreck of the car. The fire must have started very quickly for her not to get out of the vehicle and there will undoubtedly be questions as to how it happened; more pressingly whether foul play was involved or not.

Mrs. Turton’s death echoes the shocking murder of Tucson millionaire and real estate developer Gary Triano, who was killed by a car bomb in 1996. His ex-wife, Pamela Phillips was implicated in the investigation after the bombing on November 1st, 1996. The device was placed in his car where it exploded outside the Westin La Paloma Country Club.

Ashley Turton, 37, was a respected community member who worked in support of her husband.

Fire crews and police responded quickly to 911 calls made by neighbours in the early hours of the morning, but by the time they arrived Ashley Turton was dead. It wasn’t until the flames had been extinguished that fire personnel found Turton’s body and according to reports on rollcall.com, the vehicle was still on fire inside the garage when the first response team arrived.

Police are yet to determine the cuase of the blaze which claimed Ashley Turton’s life, but they have said that they will not rule anything out – even homicide.

[adsense]Washington, D.C. was rocked over the weekend by the unfolding events in Tuscon, Arizona where Gabrielle Giffords was gravely injured, and six others were killed by a crazed gunman. Fierce debates have been raging for days between left and right wing followers as to Sarah Palin’s indirect involvement in the Tuscon shootings, with neither side able to see each other’s viewpoint.

The world of politics seems to be in turmoil at the moment, it pales in comparison to the pain Ashley Turton’s children, all under five years of age, and husband have woken up to this morning. While time will quickly erase the event from most people’s memories, her children’s scars will likely never disappear.

Do you think that Ashley Turton’s death was an accident or is there a reason someone might want her dead? Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment.

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The Sarah Palin gaffe that led to death

When we elect a political figure it is with the hope that they are responsible enough to take care of us, the voters; the little people who keep the economy alive and our elected officials in work with our industry, business and family lives.

So when a high profile figure, especially one linked with the Vice Presidential position, uses a poster covered in crosshairs to symbolise the reclamation of key political areas, you have to wonder just how ‘responsible’ that individual is.

Sarah Palin’s latest act of utter stupidity has inadvertently (although some would argue the directness of her involvement) led to the deaths of 6 people and Gabrielle Giffords lies in a drug induced coma after brain surgery to remove a bullet from her skull.

The word ‘accountability’ is prevalent here. This is not a hate campaign against Palin, there are enough of those out there already. This is about the message her campaign graphics sent out and how she should be held accountable for the mess that has ensued.

Palin has repeatedly proven her ignorance while in the media spotlight and this latest episode indicates that she is either plain (anagram of palin) stupid, or that she doesn’t care about the consequences of her actions. Both are equally deplorable qualities in someone supposedly looking after our interests.

Palin is a puppet of course, and the real powers remain behind the scenes, able to make the big decisions without fear of comeback. And all the while she wears the public face of her employers she too is there to be shot down for her crass lack of knowledge on all things pertinent to her job.

No formal apology from Sarah Palin as yet

While tributes and well wishes pour in for Gabrielle Giffords, Palin’s only move towards an apology was to take down the images of crosshairs from her campaign site.

The news media and websites are currently locked in battle over the integrity of journalism after many news sources tried to suggest that Jared Loughner’s shooting spree, which killed 6 and injured 18 people at a press rally, was done out of support for Palin. While it cannot be proven that this is the case, the real point is that her campaign’s language and constant talk of her political underlings ‘reloading’ could well have led to Loughner’s rampage.

Clearly Loughner was unhinged and the evidence of that has been banded about all over the internet throughout the weekend. He displays symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia which could well have been induced by cannabis psychosis, but those facts will come as no comfort to the families of his victims.

As for Palin, perhaps she hopes that time will bury the mess she leaves with almost every political step she takes, but if her career continues to ascend and she does ultimately assume the mantle of Vice President, it will only be because the voters ignored the vast amount of warnings she gave them in the run up.

Is Palin somehow responsible for Gabrielle Gifford’s condition or is she simply insensitive and ignorant? Let us know by leaving a comment.

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