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Controversial Rihanna Admits She is a C***.

Rihanna spotted wearing a necklace that spelled out what other sites have referred to as ‘the ‘c’ word’ and have labelled inappropriate. I think they mean the word ‘C+++’ and I don’t think it’s ever been more appropriate.

Rihanna is the sexiest woman alive according to Esquire

How can Rihanna be the sexiest woman in the world when all she does is follow the same self-promotion formula as almost every other big hitting female ‘pop’ star? Surely she should be up for the ‘Genericest Woman Alive’ award instead.

Rihanna Stars in FILTHY Sex Tape

Perhaps, Rihanna and her scumbag turd-polishing PR whores are worried that Lady Gaga is getting more attention than Rihanna with her publicity stunts to get more attention than Amy Winehouse who did the ultimate publicity stunt by dying.

Rihanna and Ciara beef exposed on Twitter

Everyone loves a b**** fight. And a couple of catty comments from some our favourite celebs seemingly have the abiity to fascinate us like nothing else. This week, the spotlight is on R’n’B singers Ciara and Rihanna.

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