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Demi Lovato checks herself into rehab

The troubled teen star Demi Lovato, who has publicly struggled with eating disorders and bullying, has recently hit rock bottom after a “physical altercation” with a dancer whilst she was on tour with the Jonas Brothers. It was after a recent concert that Lovato and a small group of friends went out  partying. When the […]

Betty Ford Dies Age 93

Betty Ford, former first lady and founder of the acclaimed Betty Ford Center died last Friday at the ripe old age of 93 while in the care of staff at the Eisenhower Medical Center in Rancho Mirage. She passed away as a result of natural causes.

Denis Quaid opens up about cocaine addiction

Dennis Quaid has made surprised quite a few people with his revelations of cocaine addiction in his past. The seemingly clean cut actor has admitted in an essay he penned for Newsweek that he fell foul of the drug’s addictive qualities when he first moved to Los Angeles in 1974 to forge an acting career.

Sean William Scott admits himself into mystery rehab

Another day, another celebrity rehab customer and it’s not Charlie Sheen. Well, not yet anyway. No, today it’s the turn of Seann William Scott, the blonde haired, rubber faced goof with the big teeth and physics defying grin.

Mike Starr of Alice In Chains found dead

Mike Starr, bass player with the grunge band Alice In Chains has been found dead at a house in Salt Lake City, Utah. Police say the cause of death hasn’t yet been determined.

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