Greenday's Billie Joe Armstrong Flies Off His Rocker and Into Rehab

Billie Joe Armstrong smashes his guitar up

Billie Joe Armstrong smashes his guitar up. How very original.

All is not well for Greenday frontman Billie Joe Armstrong who looks set for a long stint in rehab for treatment of substance abuse. The post-punk-pop-rock-but-mainly-pop singer has been under the hammer in the past 12 months and the signs of mounting pressure started to become publicly evident.

After a tantrum in Las Vegas where Armstrong reacted badly to being given only one minute to finish his skit, resulting in a swearing fest and a smashed guitar (all publicity is good publicity, kids, mkai) the singer/songwriter was admitted to a clinic for help with his problems.

In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, label boss Rob Cavallo said ‘he’s under medical supervision for a while to get him clean. His doctors are still evaluating’

‘All I can say is I don’t know if we’ll see him before or after Christmas. It’s basically undetermined when he will be back’

Armstrong’s behavior had become more erratic in the build up to his rehabilitation and Mike Dirnt, bassist in Greenday and solid friend to Armstrong spoke with Radio 1’s Zane Lowe where he shed some light on the possible cause of the issues citing the pressure to promote the band’s triple album releases of ‘¡Uno!’, ‘¡Dos!’ and ‘¡Tre!’.

‘With hindsight 20/20, it was a tremendous undertaking,’ offered Dirnt. ‘Although we were having fun, we didn’t take our nose out of the book for a long time.’

‘I think it catches up with you a little bit. We definitely just jumped off a moving train.’

‘There were signs of things hitting the fan, we hadn’t slept in forever and Billie had definitely had the worst of it.’

‘He’d been going through his own struggles; we were there with him, but you can only handle things on your own.’

‘At the end of the day, when we got off the road, the most important thing was my friend’s life.’

Greenday’s success isn’t a surprise; their nursery rhyme pop songs are as catchy as anything you’re likely to hear and with a dash of eye liner and spiky hair they appeal to the pseudo-alternative crowd (despite being one of the most mainstream bands out there). It’s amazing how much you can get out of three chords.

For all the talk it is actually possible that we’re seeing the fame and fortune associated with success going to Armstrong’s head. We’ve seen it happen on so many occasions before when the ego takes hold and the humble little soul that set out on the road to glory whithers and cowers in the corner. Maybe, just maybe, Armstrong is simply behaving like a brat with too many toys.


Christina Aguilera – should she be in rehab?

Christina Aguilera

It’s Christina Aguilera who is the latest star to be rumored to be in need of a small stint in rehab.

An incident that resulted in the singer’s arrest for public intoxication is the latest in a spate of events that might indicate that the blonde bombshell has gone off the rails and could do with spending some time courtesy of Betty Ford.

It’s not surprising the star has lost it. First she divorced Jordan Bratman, then her studio album bombed, dodgy photos appeared on the internet and most recently was the incident where she bungled the words of the US National Anthem at the Super Bowl.

Rumors that the ex-Disney star has been drinking excessively, “has some of her friends worried,” an insider disclosed in In Touch Weekly. “She seems to be getting out of control, and her friends want her to get PROFESSIONAL help. The past few weeks, her partying has escalated.”

On New Year’s Eve, “Christina was so wasted before her guests arrived that her mother told her to lie down and sober up,” and in January Christina was reportedly found passed out due to booze in Jeremy Renner’s bedroom having arrived at his his birthday party – uninvited. “Her drinking is out of control,” an Aguilera source told America’s Us Weekly. ‘She’s a total mess.’”

Most recently unflattering police images have appeared across the internet following her arrest on March 1 when boyfriend Rutler was pulled over for suspicion of DUI.

Steve Whitmore, the chief public information officer for the Los Angeles Sheriffs department said of her arrest: ’They [police] witnessed a person driving erratically.”

“At 2.45am this morning a gentleman was stopped for allegedly driving under the influence.

“He was subsequently arrested and his passenger, Ms Aguilera, she was arrested.

“It was kind of a unique situation with this law as she was not capable of taking care of herself. She was incapacitated.

“When she got out of the car, she couldn’t stand. We had to help her stand,” he added. “She didn’t know where she was and she didn’t know her own address. We took her into custody for her own protection. She was co-operative and she was not belligerent in any way whatsoever. She was just intoxicated.”

Let’s hope Aggy pulls it together soon.


Lindsay Lohan's ongoing battle with addiction

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan has managed to get herself into more hot water with the law these last few months, having spent more time behind bars, once for violating her probation, and another for failing a drugs test.

Just as things were beginning to look up and having just finished a stint in rehab courtesy of Betty Ford the fresh-out-of-jail star now has a cumbersome felony for grand theft hanging pendulously over her head.

During an interview with ABC News, the 24-year-old’s mother defended her troubled daughter.“I think it’s gonna be a lifelong struggle with addiction. But I think she’s gonna be okay,” she told Chris Cuomo. “She’s a young girl struggling. You know, she’s not perfect…She’s learning as she goes, but she’s learning under a microscope, so I can’t even imagine how that is.”

Dina Lohan believes her daughter’s downfall began in 2004 when she moved to LA at the age of 18. “I knew early on, I just didn’t tell anyone about it. It was a personal situation,” she explained. “You know, you have to be ready as an individual. It’s not just gonna happen. You have to hit your own bottom.”


Charlie Sheen in 36-hour drug binge

Charlie Sheen

Hollywood’s favorite hell-raiser and star of the US sitcom Two And Half Men, Charlie Sheen, has thankfully gone into rehab after a 36-hour binge of drugs and drink that involved various porn ‘actresses’.

During the binge he admitted to one of the ‘actresses’ that he had lost all his teeth and that he had had them replaced with porcelain veneers. However, his continued drug-use also destroyed the veneers and he has now had those replaced with gold replicas, according to a reliable source – a 22-year-old porn star who partied with him at his home in LA.

Dodgy actress Kacey Jordan admitted that she and Sheen had had “quick sex”, and during the quick sex, the actor had complained to her about the state of his teeth.“All his teeth have fallen out from partying. He kept saying ‘f***** porcelain teeth… they’re crap’,” according to the erudite source. “He wouldn’t say why, but we all know it’s because of the drug use,” she continued.

Ever the romantic Sheen ordered $20,000 of cocaine that he smoked from a pipe whilst they all enjoyed wholesome movies. After their meaningful liaison he then issued Jordan with a check for over $30,000 and invited her to be part of his “porn family” in a house he intends to purchase and then inhabit with lots of his talented porn actress friends. So, a little bit like a brothel then.

Sheen also punched holes in a wall and screamed when one of the other actresses damaged his car as she was leaving the soiree and that she feared another ‘plaza incident’ according to the blonde source.

Sheen is one of TV’s highest-paid stars, earning a staggering $2million for every episode of Two And A Half Men that he appears in.

A spokesman for the star claims he is suffering from a hernia and said the pain he was in was caused from laughing too much. Although he later sent an SMS from rehab that read ‘I’m fine. People don’t seem to get it. Guy can’t have a great time and do his job also? Bunch of turds.’


Kim Richards checks into rehab

Kim Richards

The makers of reality TV show the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills knew what they were doing as the show’s season finale is making all the headlines this morning. And especially where Kim Richards is concerned.

‘The most shocking episode yet’, according to the media involves sisters Kim and Kyle Richards having a huge bust up that results in Kim checking in to rehab.

The fight started at a birthday party and soon escalated into a booze-fueled sisterly bust up, as the stars’ husbands watched in shock as the events unfolded. Of course, this is great television if you’re a fan of reality TV, although all it really proves is that the celebrity lives so many viewers covet are no different to the average Joe.

Reality TV seems to stop people feeling the need to live their own lives. They get the excitement, the highs and the lows from watching the poor puppets on the screen. Surely Kim Richards is under a lot of pressure living in that goldfish bowl, no wonder she has developed problems.

Our lives are ours to live, not to waste away in front of a TV screen getting worked up over this celebrity marriage, or that celebrity rehab case. Kim Richards may well deserve all she gets; she put herself on the auctioning block, sold her soul to the devil as it were.

OK, so if you don’t like it don’t watch it; but these days it’s becoming increasingly difficult to avoid this kind of nonsense.

image: (Getty)

Lindsay Lohan released from rehab

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan left rehab today after a three-month stay at the Betty Ford Center.

Having spent last year moving back and forth between jail and rehab things might finally be looking up for the actress as her place of residence will be a luxury house in the Venice Beach area that costs just under $7,100 per month for four bedrooms and bathrooms and is located just across the road from her ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson.

Workers are currently busy moving Lohan’s furniture from her apartment in West Hollywood into the luxurious mansion and so for the moment she is staying in a boutique hotel in LA, according to RadarOnline, and will remain there until the new pad is ready to inhabit.

On New Year’s Day, just before her scheduled release, Lindsay tweeted: “Today is the first day of the rest of my life. The future depends on what we do in the present.’ -Mahatma Gandhi… One step at a time…”


Ronnie Wood helps son through rehab

Ron and Jesse Wood

Ronnie Wood of the Rolling Stones has not only spent several stints in rehab but is now helping his son Jesse through treatment for an addiction.

In an interview in Uncut magazine in January 2011, Wood says, “Jesse’s going through rehab…We’re helping each other out…I’m over six months clean and good with it. Boredom is a killer, as is the idea that I can always have just one drink. Once I got rid of that I could take my life back and be more focused at everything, my music and my painting.”

Thirty-four-year old Jesse Wood, who is a guitarist and model, is Ronnie’s son with his first ex-wife Krissy Wood, a former model, who died in 2005 due to an overdose, after battling with ongoing depression.

News of Jesse’s addiction took Stones’ insiders by surprise, particularly as he was regarded as one of the most down-to-earth of the Stones’ siblings.

One said: “He’s one of the most level-headed of all the Stones’ children. It’s a real shock. Jesse’s a really lovely, lovely bloke. Everyone who meets him knows he’s a sweetheart.

‘He’s largely kept out of the limelight and tried to build a normal life for himself. It’s a real shock.”


Demi Lovato leaves rehab

Demi Lovato

Recovering teenage star Demi Lovato had her Christmas wish come true when she was allowed to leave rehab in order to spend Chrissie day with her loved ones.

The eighteen-year-old star spent the day with her mother Dianna, two sisters and step father Eddie De La Garza at a Hollywood Boulevard restaurant.

“They seemed very happy and were having a good time together. Demi seemed in good spirits,” according to a source.

The Camp Rock star checked herself into the rehab center in late October after getting into a fight with a dancer, Alex Welch, on the Jonas Brothers World Tour.

If the stint in rehab is successful, we can look forward to seeing her star in the new Avengers movie, which begins shooting in April.

Good luck Demi.


Lindsay Lohan in more trouble at rehab

Lindsay Lohan

Just a day after reports claimed that the FBI is investigating Lindsay Lohan’s stalker, news has emerged that the wild child is facing yet more trouble at her rehab center.

Lohan now finds herself in the midst of a criminal battery case after it was alleged that she had an altercation with a member of staff at the Betty Ford Center after she returned to her living quarters ten minutes after curfew.

The 24-year-old is now under investigation by the Palm Desert Police Department, and is being accused of “hand to hand battery” against the as yet unnamed female staff member.

The child star has countered the accusations saying that the staff member put her hands on her, and was over zealous in shouting unfairly at her for breaking the curfew and says that her actions were only in retaliation to the threat posed by the woman. The argument escalated with Lohan apparently telling the woman to, “Take your hands off of me” before trying to push her away.

The staff member apparently wants Lohan to face prosecution for charges of battery, and once the investigation is concluded, prosecutors will review the evidence and decide whether to press charges.

Lohan is still on probation after her arrest in 2007, and could face a six month jail sentence if she is found to be guilty.


Lindsay Lohan's mom admits daughter is addict

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan’s mother has admitted that her wayward daughter is an addict, during an appearance on the Today Show.

In previous interviews, mother Dina had denied Lindsay’s condition and  instead blamed the judge handling the case, according to The People. When questioned by Today’s Matt Lauer why she had done so, she responded: “That was for Lindsay to admit. As a mother it wasn’t for me to come to tell the world … about her problem. That was for her to do. I wasn’t in denial.”

She also commented on Lindsay’s stormy relationship with her father, saying that  it would be good for her daughter if their relationship could be fixed, but also giving her support to “whatever the facility wishes for her. It’s all about Lindsay and her healing.”

Dina also commented that her daughter had already seen some positive improvements since she checked into the Betty Ford Center in California, recently.

“She’s just a different person,“ Dina told Lauer. “She’s been in a couple facilities, but this one to me has really changed her…Lindsay wants to stay, she’s learning the trigger points and why she turns to drugs.“

And, according to her mother, the young actress might be thinking about opening a rehab centre of her own. “She wants to start her own facilities, help other children,”

Lohan was ordered to enter rehab after she failed a drugs test.