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Giuliana & Bill: Shocking IVF Series Update!

In the couple’s riveting show called simply Giuliana & Bill the F list celebrities are seen giving fertility treatment another go, despite having already said that they were going to take a year off from trying to conceive. What a plot, right!

Drug addled Tom Sizemore arrested due to old warrant

Being an actor Tom Sizemore can pretty much do whatever he wants. With a previous record for domestic violence and drug offences, the former Saving Private Ryan and Natural Born Killers star clearly needs a stint in jail or rehab to straighten him out.

The Amazing Spider Man again

The teaser trailer for the forthcoming The Amazing Spider Man is much ado about nothing. Hollywood is raping our wallets and laughing all the way to the bank.

Big Brother 13 launches tonight on CBS – yawn

The 13th season of Big Brother starts on CBS this evening and no doubt brings the usual parade of self-aggrandizing, bikini wearing, fake tanned, body flaunting blow-up dolls with astronomical egos commensurate with people at least twenty times as unique and interesting.

American Idol makes Americans idle

American Idol contestant Paul McDonald has sadly been eliminated from the show, but who cares? These programs are devised to transform nobodies into lowly celebrities and to lull viewers into a false sense of community.

Dog The Bounty Hunter is lame

Reality TV star Duane Chapman who portrays Dog The Bounty Hunter was rushed into hospital over the weekend with a blood clot behind his knee. He apparently damaged his ligaments while kicking a door down.

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