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Halle Berry pregnant again through AI?

Many women over 35 face trouble getting pregnant, but Hollywood actress Halle Berry has now done it twice – once through IVF and now allegedly through Artificial Insemination.

In vitro fertilization – IVF

IVF is the most popular fertility treatment there is. Though the price is high, the chances of getting pregnant increase considerably. So is it worth it? Find out here everything you ever need to know about in-vitro fertilization.

Clay Aiken’s son conceived through AI

Clay Aiken shot to fame as a favorite in the second season of American Idol. He won many fans, called ‘Claymates’, who were thrilled for him when we announced he was expecting to be a father – but not just any kind of father: a homosexual who conceived with his best female friend.

Did Macaulay Culkin father Blanket?

Bizarre rumor: did child star Macaulay Culkin‚ famous from ‘Home Alone’, father Michael Jackson’s youngest child, Prince Michael II, aka Blanket?

Artificial insemination

Artificial insemination is a form of assisted reproductive technology, and is used when couples have difficulty conceiving naturally, or when homosexual couples wish to have children. AI, as it is also known, is a treatment many celebrities revert to.

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