Melanie Griffiths and her Addiction to Prescription Drugs

melanie griffiths plastic surgery gone wrong

According to several media reports, Melanie Griffiths chose to go to a Californian rehab facility voluntarily to control her addiction to alcohol and painkillers. It was reportedly part of a “routine plan that was thought up between her and her doctors years ago,” her representative says. Lindsay Lohan and Kirsten Dunst are among other patients who have sought treatment at Cirque Lodge where Griffiths underwent treatment.

Melanie was always adamant that it was her family, husband Antonio Banderas, 12-year-old daughter Stella, son Alexander (24) and daughter Dakota (19) who supported her through the most trying times. “Overcoming addictions is tough but it can be made easier if you have someone that can offer support. My husband and family supported me so much through this journey and continue to do so.”

The reason Melanie checked in was her husband was demanding that she get clean and sober. He told her that if she didn’t get the help she needed it would be the end of their marriage.” reported Perez Hilton.

Many reports claimed that Melanie displayed symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder and that her apparent need for her surroundings to be yellow is another factor in her bid to seek help.

Antonio Banderas on Melanie Griffiths rehab - precautionary

While Melanie’s obsessive-compulsive symptoms are pure speculation by column-inch-filling desperados, her previous addictions to prescription medication, alcohol and cocaine are well-documented, with the star having sought treatment twice previously.

The first time she checked into rehab was for cocaine and alcohol abuse after her divorce from her second husband, Steven Bauer, in 1987. Of this time, she says: “What I did was drink myself to sleep at night.”

If I wasn’t with someone, I was an unhappy girl.”

In 2000 she again went to rehab after becoming addicted to strong pain killers which she needed to ease a neck injury.

In 2009 she was seeking treatment again.

She shot to fame after her role in the 1988 film ‘Working Girl’, which saw her nominated for an Oscar for her feisty and alluring performance outshone that of fellow stars Sigourney Weaver and Harrison Ford. Melanie has been married four times, twice to the same man. She began dating Hollywood heavyweight Don Johnson – eight years her senior – when she was just 14 years old. The pair divorced six months after their wedding, which took place shortly after Melanie’s 18th. Five years later she married fellow actor Steven Bauer and the pair, who have a son together, divorced in 1987.

In 1989, after having finished rehab falling pregnant, she married ex-husband Don Johnson a second time but the marriage lasted only six years, Melanie walking away from Johnson due to his own problems with substance abuse.

Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffiths

In 1996 she married Spanish heartthrob Antonio Banderas, three years her junior. The couple have a daughter, Stella, and have publicly discussed their marital issues. She obsessed over her age and its effect on her looks, constantly worrying that Banderas would fall for one of his younger co-stars and leave her.

Jealousy reared its ugly head frequently throughout their relationship – all of it coming from her side. In a bid to retain her youthful good looks she has undergone plastic surgery. While she has never officially confirmed to having cosmetic surgery, the changes to her lips and eyes are undeniable. Many speculate she has had collagen implants as well as botox and a facelift. Rumours suggest that Banderas has since placed a ban on any further surgery and putting a lid on another obsession in the process.

Parry-Romberg syndrome

As a seemingly healthy 5-year-old Christine Honeycutt was enjoying a normal childhood and ready to start school. The patch of grey skin on her forehead didn’t seem too much of a concern to her mother who assumed she’d just banged her head on a door.

Shortly after, the grey patch hadn’t disappeared and Christine’s mother noticed a dark blotch on her daughter’s neck. She took her to the paediatrician who dismissed the marks as bruising and prescribed some lotions, telling her to avoid sunlight throughout treatment.

Months passed but the mark didn’t, and in fact became worse. The small grey mark on her forehead had become a crease which ran the length of her brow so her mother took her to a new paediatrician who gave a similar diagnosis to the first.

Not satisfied with the results The Honeycutt family sought expert advice and were confronted with the news that the now 11-year-old Christine was suffering with a rare disorder called Parry-Romberg syndrome (PRS).

Parry-Romberg syndrome
PRS is a slow, progressive deterioration of skin and soft tissue about the face. The symptoms give the sufferer the appearance that one side of the face is ageing while the other has stopped. The usual outcome is a lop-sided visage which can, to date, only be rectified by corrective surgery.

According to information provided by the National Organization for Rare Disorders it is estimated that around one million people worldwide suffer with the disorder and it still remains unknown what causes it.

Early signs of PRS can begin to surface as early as five years of age but can come as late as 15. There is no known cure for it and as has been the case with Christine Honeycutt, the only way to rectify the problems it causes is through surgery.

Scientists and researchers are still no nearer to a cure, but for Christine the surgery has worked wonders and to look at her you’d never know she’d suffered with the disorder at all.

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German Big Brother star dies after 6th breast operation

German porn star Carolin Berger, who found fame on the German version of Big Brother last year — raising eyebrows wih her erotic antics in the house — died after suffering a brain hemorrhage, a direct complication from her sixth breast operation.

Berger, best known as “Sexy Cora”, reportedly went under the knife for a series of breast enhancements in a bid to boost not only her chest, but also her publicity.

The 23-year-old adult film star, who not long before her sixth and fatal operation attempted to break the world record blow job attempt, wanted to increase the size of her silicone implants from 500 grams to 800 grams each, German tabloid Bild reported.

“The senseless death of Big Brother star Cora shocks the whole of Germany,” Bild said.

“[Her] frail, 48kg (106lb) body struggled against death for 224 hours. She lost. Cora is dead!”

Cora suffered two heart attacks during the surgery and there are claims she was deprived of oxygen for 15 minutes during the operation which left her in an artifical coma.

The doctors who carried out the procedure are  being investigated for alleged manslaughter.

Two stars who have spoken out about the perils of plastic surgery are Kathy Griffin and Jane Fonda.

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Estranged mom Darlene Egelhoff begs Heidi Montag for reconciliation in an open letter

Heidi Montag’s estranged mom has written an open letter to her daughter out of desperation, in the hope that she will consider reconciling after breaking off contact nine months ago when the fateful Hills episode was shot, during which Egelhoff said Heidi didn’t “look good” after her ten plastic surgery procedures. has the letter.

In the letter she makes reference to their “distorted body images”, saying: “Both of our cases are severe and very much in the public eye with ours manifesting in your case admittedly plastic surgery and in my case a life robbing eating disorder, both which nearly claimed each of our lives.”

Then, making several references to God, Egelhoff continues by telling Heidi that she is “greatly blessed”  and that that she is “a natural leader, encourager, teacher and minister with great compassion.

“You could have a highly successful career as an author and motivational speaker with beautiful messages of strength and healing, empowering women, affecting millions, bringing you great purpose, satisfaction and Joy.

One might wonder why Heidi’s mother has chosen to go public with such a private and candid letter, but apparently she has no  other means of communicating with her. “I am clearly desperate to be trying to reach you like this,” Egelhoff writes. ” I don’t know what else to do. I hope you can see it’s just me, mom who wants her little angel back. PLEEEEEEAAASSEEE CALL ME!!!”

Do you think this tactic will bring Heidi and her mom closer, or will it only serve to create a bigger gap in their troubled relationship?

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Heidi Montag says dead doctor to blame for plastic surgery addiction

Dr. Frank Ryan is perhaps most famous for being the surgeon who performed the staggering 10 procedures on Heidi Montag in one day in November last year.

Prior to the series of surgeries, including a nose job, breast augmentation and a chin reduction, the starlet, of the Hills fame, told People Magazine: “For the past three years, I’ve thought about what to have done. I’m beyond obsessed.” The procedures were necessary, claimed Heidi, to become the “best me”.

When her surgeon Dr Frank Ryan died in a car accident earlier this year, Heidi had no shortage of kind words, tweeting that he was “the most amazing person” she had ever known and “the most brilliant talented surgeon” to ever exist.

But in an interview on TV special Primetime: Celebrity Plastic Surgery Gone to Far, it became apparent that the 24-year-old celebrity has had a change of heart. As reported by Daily Mail, she said she did not feel “prepared enough” for the operations and she pointed the finger at her late surgeon Dr Frank Ryan.

“Maybe I should have known,” the reality star said. “But how can you know when your doctor’s saying, ‘it’s just a little of this, it’s just a little of that?’ You know, it really becomes a lot.”

“I definitely think I should have been more informed,” she continued.

“I think that doctors should really walk you through all aspects of it, not just the glamorous side of it.

“Doctors, it’s like they’re selling you cookies or something.”

What do you think of the self-confessed plastic surgery addict blaming her doctor for letting her have so many procedures? Shouldn’t she take responsibility for her actions?

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Michael Jackson was addicted to plastic surgery

Michael Jackson’s mother has admitted on TV that her son was addicted to plastic surgery.

Katherine Jackson appeared on Oprah Winfrey’s show along with her husband, Joe, and their three grandchildren. During the emotional interview, she talked about Michael’s low self-esteem, leading him to have repeated surgery.

“He’d say “I’m just so ugly, I don’t want to go out there”‘, she told the host. “I’d say ‘You’re not’. To a mother, all her children are always beautiful.”

“One day he just got up and decided “I’m going to get my nose done. It’s too big,”‘ the Daily Mail cited the celeb mom as saying.

“One day he just made up his mind and he just left. When I enquired about where he was, he had gone down to get his nose done…He thought I might try to talk him out of it I think. He was so unhappy. He thought he was so ugly.”

Michael always claimed only to have had two operations, both on his nose, which Katherine contested, stating that the star was probably just embarassed to admit he had had more procedures. She said she thought his nose was too small and, at one time, “was like a toothpick”.

“I hear that people get addicted to plastic surgery and I think that’s what happened to him,” she said.

“I had told him ‘That’s enough. Why do you keep going?’ I even talked to the plastic surgeon and said ‘If he comes there and he wants you to work on his nose just tell him you did it and do the same thing and don’t change it.'”

Katherine is the guardian of Michael’s three children, Prince, 13, Paris, 12 and Blanket, 8, who all appeared on the show beside her. The King’s only daughter shared fond memories of her father while the eldest expressed an interest in some day becoming a film producer. All three claimed that Jackson was “just a normal dad” (apart from the times when he was exceptional).

The star’s posthumous album, entitled “Michael”, is due to be released on December 14th and the single “Breaking News” will be available later this month. The star reportedly left enough material behind for three albums, but rumours are still rife that the voice on the new record is not Michael’s.

Jackson’s longtime producer, Teddy Riley, rubbished the claims in a statement to the Associated Press: “When I heard these songs, my heart cried hearing Michael again in good spirits. The vocals sounded very polished, very on key and processed. I have no doubts that these are Michael’s vocals,” the Washington Post reported.

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Lisa Rinna’s lips ‘not healing well’

In a previously unshown clip from the couple’s show Harry Loves Lisa, seen by People, Harry says: “Lisa could look weird for the rest of her life. She must be freaking out. I can see on the doctor’s face, his look of concern … this could be serious.”

The pair are seen visiting the doctor’s together to have Lisa’s stitches looked at. Upon trying to take them out, the doc remarked that his patient’s lips were “not healing very well”. At this point, a concerned Lisa looks her husband for reassurance “Help me! Now what? What do we do? What do I do?” she says.

The clip will air on the shows season finale on November 10 on TV Land.

Harry Loves Lisa is a reality TV show which follows Hamil, Rinna and their children as they lead their hectic Hollywood lives. Rinna, who is best known for starring as Billie Reed on Days of our Lives and Taylor McBride on Melrose Place, and Hamil, known for his role as Perseus in the 1981 fantasy film Clash of the Titans have been married since 1997 and have two daughters.

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Want immortality? Get plastinated

Controversial doctor and plastination pioneer Gunther von Hagens has brought the desire for physical immortality within reach.

The pursuit of eternal life is something the majority of us have toyed with and possibly even lusted after at some or other point in our lives, but certainly some of us have been a little more caught up with the thought than others.
Take Michael Jackson, for example, whose obsession with youth and immortality defined him. From his childlike pretensions and numerous plastic surgery procedures, to his quaffing the controversial ‘youth drug’ GH3 and discussions of having his remains cryogenically preserved, if anyone ever had a strong desire for everlasting life, it was the King of Pop.

Today the modern obsession with plastic surgery in our pursuit to hold off the ravages of time, to transform our mortal, aging bodies into perfect, youthful ones, has become commonplace. One need look no further than the world of celebrities, where the desire for eternal youth is fed in the form of a scalpel, Botox or silicon.

But alas, despite all our efforts to keep the signs of aging at bay, at some point our perishing bodies will fail, leaving us relegated to the underground or sent scattering with the wind.

At least those were our options until German anatomist Gunther von Hagens showed up. Dubbed Dr. Death by the media, he developed a process called Plastination, whereby the skin of dead bodies is peeled back to reveal a melange of muscles and tendons that are left intact and preserved by replacing water and fats with certain plastics.

And so, when the living body is no more and our days of plasticization at the hands of plastic surgeons have come to and end, those striving for immortality beyond death can receive a helping hand in the form of Plastination.

In an interview with German newspaper BILD last year, Hagens spoke of giving Michael Jackson the “gift of physical immortality,  something he has already achieved with his music.”

“As a plastinate he could continue to have his body shaped and changed as he did when he was alive.

“My plastination laboratory is the post-mortem beauty salon of the modern age. We rejuvenate bodies and remove bad things like puckered skin and wrinkles.”

In an interview with Hour, Von Hagens was asked whether he envisioned a day when we will have plastinated cadavers of historical figures or celebrities, and identify them? The anatomist replied: “Taking what we have done with the human body in the past, this will likely happen long after I am plastinated. This will not happen as skin-covered figures. This way the plastinated celebrities will represent everybone’s beauty. In life they stand up for themselves, in death they will represent us all. We are all Madonna.”

Von Hagens’ controversial Body Worlds exhibitions of plastinated people have attracted over 30 million visitors to date. Would you consider donating your body after death for Plastination? And if so, what would motivate you to do so?

If you are interested in becoming a body donor for Plastination, you can contact the Body Donation Office.

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Alicia Douvall steps out with swollen face after further surgeries

Former glamor model Alicia Douvall was recently seen with a swollen and bruised face after she succumbed to putting herself under the knife for yet another excruciating plastic surgery procedure. According to the Daily Mail, the 30 year old jetted off to America after surgeons in the UK refused to carry out any further operations. The lingerie designer has had over 100 cosmetic procedures to date, including having her jaw, mouth and nose reshaped. She has had an astounding 16 breast operations and even had her ribs shaved to make her waist smaller.

She has been diagnosed as suffering from body dysmorphic disorder and in an earlier interview Alicia Douvall, who changed her name from Sarah Howes, was quoted as saying that for her it is a constant struggle to beat her cosmetic surgery addiction. As reported by The Sun, she said ‘I’ve had so many operations I can’t feel my stomach, my left breast or anything under my right arm.’ She added ‘I’ve had 15 boob jobs. I’ve changed my eyes and nose, had facelifts. My philosophy is “if it can be changed it will be”.

She also revealed that in order to get away with having so many procedures she visits different doctors and often lies about her medical history. She added “Often, I’ll walk in, not even knowing what I want doing and say something like “What do you think might be wrong?” or “What do you think of my eyes?” I keep hoping one day I’ll wake up feeling happy with myself.”

Douvall was abused as a child by someone close to the family. “I killed off Sarah Howes a long time ago…All I ever wanted to do was reinvent myself as Alicia Douvall because I hated myself so much. I thought I was the ugliest person in the world.”

Stints in rehab have not helped the troubled celebrity to come to terms with herself and overcome her dangerous surgery obsession. She was most recently spotted with a bruised and swollen face after having further plastic surgery.

One cannot help but be concerned for the well-being of 14-year-old daughter Georgia with such a poor role model to look up to. When she was just 13 she asked her mother for breast implants for her birthday. However, she seems to have her feet firmly on the ground and is quoted by News of the World as saying, “Now I’m older I realize the damage you can do to your body with surgery. I’ve seen mum in so much pain. Even after 16 boob operations, she still isn’t happy. I don’t want to go down that road. I want to focus on my education.”

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‘Bridalplasty’ brides compete for plastic surgery on shocker reality show

It would seem the all too often perverted world of reality TV has plunged to an all time low in the form of a new series called ‘Bridalplasty’, which will rather disturbingly cross a wedding competition with extreme plastic surgery.

The series, already being panned as ‘The Brides of Frankenstein’ by its many critics, will entail brides-to-be battling it out in wedding-themed challenges such as writing wedding vows and planning honeymoons.

As The Hollywood Reporter announced, the winner of a challenge will be allowed to choose a plastic surgery procedure from her “wishlist”. The operation will be carried out immediately and the results will be shown at the beginning of the next show.

The overall winner of the controversial show, which will be broadcast by E!, will receive an all expenses paid wedding and honeymoon, the Daily Mail reports.

Speaking of the groom, a spokesperson for E! said, “Viewers will witness his emotional and possibly shocked reaction as they stand at the altar and he lifts her veil to see her for the first time following her extreme plastic surgery”.

Where does one begin when listing all the things that are so very wrong with a series like this. For starters, multiple procedures are extreme and can place the patients’ lives at risk. One need only to think back to when reality star Heidi Montag underwent an overwhelming 10 cosmetic procedures in one day.

“I almost died after my procedure,” Heidi told Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush. “I had too much Demerol like Michael Jackson did and my breathing was five breaths per minute which is like almost dead.

The show, which appears intent on seeing a young brides-to-be transformed into plastic barbies, will be hosted by former Playboy model Shanna Moakler.

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Other celebrities who have admitted to plastic surgery include Tara Reid, Demi Moore, Dita von Teese and Pamela Anderson.

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