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Melanie Griffiths and her Addiction to Prescription Drugs

According to several media reports, Melanie Griffiths chose to go to a Californian rehab facility voluntarily to control her addiction to alcohol and painkillers. It was reportedly part of a “routine plan that was thought up between her and her doctors years ago,” her representative says. Lindsay Lohan and Kirsten Dunst are among other patients […]

Parry-Romberg syndrome

Parry-Romberg syndrome is a slow, progressive deterioration of skin and soft tissue about the face. The symptoms give the sufferer the appearance that one side of the face is ageing while the other has stopped.

German Big Brother star dies after 6th breast operation

German porn star Carolin Berger, who found fame on the German version of Big Brother last year — raising eyebrows wih her erotic antics in the house — died after suffering a brain hemorrhage, a direct complication from her sixth breast operation.

Estranged mom Darlene Egelhoff begs Heidi Montag for reconciliation in an open letter

Heidi Montag’s estranged mom has written an open letter to her daughter out of desperation, in the hope that she will consider reconciling after breaking off contact nine months ago when the fateful Hills episode was shot, when Heidi took great offense to her mom saying she didn’t “look good” after her ten plastic surgery procedures.

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