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Aviophobia: the fear of flying

Physical health is always an area of concern but mental health conditions can be frustrating and painful. There are varieties of phobias that a person may develop as a result of a tragedy. Aviophobia is a fear of flying and is one of the two most common fears humans have. Almost 20 percent of adults have aviophobia.

Arachnophobia: fear of spiders

Different people suffer from different kinds of phobias. Many types of phobias may seem strange or questionable, however are a nightmare for those who suffer from them. One such phobia is arachnophobia – is a fear of spiders. It is the most common example of an animal-based phobia of mild intensity.

Acrophobia: fear of heights

Acrophobia is among some of the most common phobias which is the fear of heights. Many of people suffer from acrophobia, including some famous faces like Tobey Maquire, Woody Allen and Whoopi Goldberg.

Ataxophobia: the fear of disorder

The most famous celebrity suffering from this obssesive-compulsive disorder is David Beckham. Read on to find out what his quirks are.

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