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Bill Hicks succumbed to pancreatic cancer

Bill Hicks was best known as an American stand-up comedian and his routines offered a satirical and often angry commentary on social, political and philosophical issues, as well as what he liked to call “dick jokes“. He died of pancreatic cancer aged just 32 and only gained real acclaim years afterwards, but it is widely […]

Luciano Pavarotti died from pancreatic cancer

Luciano Pavarotti was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in July 2006 the operatic legend lived for just over one year with the disease before his life ended in September 2007 at the age of 71. In 2005 the classically trained singer underwent neck surgery and back surgery in 2006, but after those procedures various complications developed. […]

Jamaican PM David Thompson lost to pancreatic cancer

Jamaican prime minister, David Thompson, died yesterday, a victim of pancreatic cancer, making him the third Barbados leader in 25 years who has died in office. The leader had been seriously ill after being officially diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in September. Deputy PM Freundel Stuart who had taken over from Thompson during his illness has since been […]

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs passes away

Strangely, on the day Apple officially unveiled the iPhone 4s, the latest dual core version of the extremely popular and super-user-friendly app driven gadget, Jobs passed away at the age of 56

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has just weeks to live according to report

As we reported last month, Apple guru and founder member Steve Jobs has taken a third leave of absence, but it appears now that he only has a short time to live as he is said to be suffering with a recurrence of pancreatic cancer which he was first diagnosed with in 2004.

Aretha Franklin honored at the Grammy 2011 awards

Aretha Franklin is back in the news today after a stirring tribute was paid to the veteran soul singer at the 2011 Grammy Award ceremony last night. Fans are still wondering what her mystery illness is though.

Aretha Franklin is feeling great

Aretha Franklin told her interviewer of her r-e-s-p-e-c-t for her followers by saying, “I know my fans are great. Let them know I am feeling great and coming along.”

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