A brief history of the legendary Chateau Marmont

Marilyn Monroe hung out there, while Dennis Hopper hosted infamous orgies in its rooms and Led Zeppelin rode their motorbikes in the lobby. This is the house of Hollywood vice – the Chateau Marmont.

Built in 1927, the Chateau was modelled loosely on a castle in France’s Loire Valley and was initially intended to be an apartment house. However, high rent and the Great Depression kept the punters away and in 1931 it re-opened its doors as a hotel.

Its prime location just off Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood means it has always been within easy reach of the stars of Tinsel town, and being at the far end of the Boulevard’s classy stretch means prices have always been reasonable.

Errol Flynn was among the first A-listers to embrace the wonders of the Chateau Marmont. He bedded his three wives in quick secession then moved on to Marlene Dietrich and a series of under-age nymphets, without anyone saying anything, according to the Daily Mail. Clark Gable and movie co-star Jean Harlow got down to business in one of the hotel’s many suites while she was on honeymoon with her husband Chuck McGrew. He didn’t suspect a thing.

But even Gable wasn’t enough for the insatiable blonde. She would hang a sign saying ‘Gone Fishing’ on her ­bedroom door when she ventured out onto the Sunset Strip to find some handsome younger model to bring home.

An undiscovered Marilyn Monroe frequently hung out in the hotel’s corridors and Judy Garland sang by the lobby’s grand piano during a party thrown by director George Cukor. Really, the list of greats to have frequented its rooms is endless and their enthusiasm unparalleled.

The Mail cites Academy Award winning director Billy Wilder as once saying: ‘I would rather sleep in a bathroom there than at any other hotel.’ And he apparently often did as he tried to get away from his over-excitable roommate of the time, character actor and drug addict Peter Lorre.

Other showbiz stars who have partied hard at the Chateau Marmont include British rock band Led Zeppelin, who famously rode their motorbikes in the hotel lobby to a cheering crowd and only causing modest damage. Easy Rider star Dennis Hopper hosted orgies attended by up to 50 girls and recorded them on camera.

The Doors legend Jim Morrison’s love of mixing Jack Daniels with LSD nearly led to his death as he dangled from a drainpipe trying to enter his room through the window.

In 1982, John Beluschi did meet his end at the hotel, dying of a heroin overdose. The late Batman star Heath Ledger was seen snorting cocaine at the Chateau shortly before his death of a drug overdose in 2008, according to the Mail.

A young Scarlett Johansson was apparently so taken in by hotel’s heady vibe in 2004 that she couldn’t wait to get upstairs with actor Benicio Del Toro and ripped his clothes off in the lift.

So why is it so easy to get away with misbehaviour at the Chateau? According to the Daily Mail, the secret lies in the hotel’s layout, which makes it difficult for management to monitor exactly what is happening round the clock. Usually guests have to pass by a hotel’s reception to get to their rooms, but at the Chateau they can take a lift from the underground car park straight to their rooms. Those inhabiting the garden bungalows even have their own keys.

But even the Chateau has its black list, which apparently features Britney Spears, according to Exec Digital. The pop princess was reportedly banned from staying at the hotel after bizarrely covering her face with her meal at the restaurant, prompting many diners to demand her removal.

Over the years, the Chateau Marmont has become such a cultural landmark, that it has served as an inspiration for many showbiz stars. The Eagles iconic song “Hotel California” is thought to be based on it and the hotel was most recently featured in director Sofia Coppola’s new film “Somewhere”, which follows the life of a depressed Hollywood actor living in the Chateau.

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August Busch’s girlfriend Adrienne Martin found dead in his mansion

The girlfriend of beer heir August Busch has been found dead in his home. Adrienne Martin is suspected to have died of a drug overdose.

The New York Post states authorities have refused to say why they did not reveal the death of the 27-year-old, who passed away on Sunday, sooner.

The former Hooters waitress and aspiring model was already dead when police and paramedics arrived at the gated home of Busch in a wealthy St. Louis suburb.

It is not clear whether August Busch was in the house in Huntleigh, Mo., at the time.

Busch’s lawyer, Art Margulis, said the couple had been dating for at least a year, the New York Post reports. Both had also recently divorced their spouses.

In a press release, police said Martin was found “with no apparent signs of trauma or other indications of the cause of death.”

However, St. Louis Post-Dispatch quoted a law-enforcement source as saying that her death was being investigated as a possible overdose. Toxicology and other tests will take four to six weeks, according to officials.

Art Margulis said, “I can tell you there is absolutely nothing suspicious about her passing, and it’s a tragic and untimely death of a young person. A very kind, young person, by the way.”

Adrienne’s former husband Dr. Kevin J. Martin, 45, a medical doctor, said in an interview Friday that he does not know his ex-wife’s cause of death but said that she had a heart condition called Long QT syndrome, according to St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Martin said he discovered the condition Adrienne after they wed in 2002 and urged her to get it checked out. She had, however, been unwilling to tell others about her illness.

“She refused to see a cardiologist about it,” Martin said. “I’ve always suspected she thought I was overreacting.”

August, 46, is the great-great-grandson of Adolphus Busch, founder of the Anheuser-Busch beer empire. The heir headed the company that made Budweiser until it was bought out in a $52 billion merger deal two years ago.

Martin had previously talked about her aspirations of becoming a model and had posted pictures of herself on the internet and written comments.

“I really would like to do beer advertising!” she wrote on iStudio.com. “Since I have only begun, I can’t wait for my exciting times ahead!”

Other celebrities who reportedly died from a drug overdose include actor John Beluschi, Playmate Jennifer Lyn Jackson and comedian Greg Giraldo.

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Surfing champion Andy Irons passes away at age 32

The world of surfing is mourning the untimely death of 32-year-old surfing legend Andy Irons.

Numerous sources are claiming that Irons contracted dengue fever in Puerto Rico where, as reported by Australian surfing publication Stab Magazine, there was a recent outbreak that infected 8381 people and killed 29.

Dengue is a viral disease spread by mosquitos and the most common symptoms are high fever; severe headache; muscle and joint pain; a bumpy, red rash; feeling sick and vomitting; and pain behind your eyes.

The world’s surfing media is reporting that Irons pulled out of the Rip Curl Search Contest in Puerto Rico due to illness. He initially spent two days in Miami on IV drip before deciding to fly back home to receive treatment from his personal doctor. Irons reportedly became increasingly sick, feeling feverish and vomiting, and he was unable to make his connecting flight to Hawaii out of Dallas.

The three-time ASP World Champion checked into a hotel and staff found him dead in his room the following morning.

The surfer’s cause of death, however, is not clear. According to the Honolulu Star Advertiser, methadone and numerous pills were found on his bedside table. The Tarrant County Medical Examiner’s Office is investigating the cause of death as a possible methadone overdose. It may take 60 to 90 days before the exact cause of death can be established if a toxicology test is carried out.

Rumors have made the rounds in the surfing world that Irons struggled with substance abuse at times, although there has been no concrete evidence to support these these rumors.

Irons leaves behind a pregnant wife.

The Rip Curl Search Contest has been postponed out of respect for the surfing champ.

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Greg Giraldo dies from accidental overdose

Following his hospitalization on Saturday with a suspected accidental drug overdose, “Last Comic Standing” judge Greg Giraldo has passed away.

He was found unconscious in his hotel room at the Hyatt, New Brunswick last Saturday. First officers on the scene successfully performed CPR and Giraldo was revived before being taken to the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital.

Neither the hospital nor police Lt. J. Miller would disclose the circumstances surrounding his collapse or condition but according to previous reports the 44-year-old comic was in a critical condition after taking prescription drugs.

A regular on Comedy Central he began his career as a lawyer having graduated from Harvard Law School but lasted less than a year before changing direction completely and rejecting his legal persona in the process.

His comedy style was based around observational humour and his rhythmic ranting took him from the Comedy Cellar in Manhattan to become a regular panellist on Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn.

It is widely thought that Greg’s death was not the result of a suicide attempt but an unfortunate accident. His website www.greggiraldo.com poignantly links to his Facebook page where many tributes have already been left.

Celebrities who have died from a drug overdose include Anna Nicole Smith, John Belushi, Heath Ledger and River Phoenix

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Pete Doherty and best friend charged for possessing drugs

Pete Doherty has been slapped with the charge of possessiion of cocaine following the demise of Robin Whitehead, a society heiress who died from a suspected drug overdose. According to www.dailymail.co.uk, Robin Whitehead, who was a filmmaker and photographer, spent the last ten days of her life filming a documentary about the drug addict rock star. Pete Wolfe, a close friend of Pete Doherty, was also charged in connection with her death on account of supplying the class A drug.

As reported by www.mirror.co.uk, soon after the death of the heiress, Pete Wolfe revealed to the police that hours before passing away, Robin Whitehead had taken Valium along with some alcohol, which can be a lethal combination. It was also reported by the sources that two days before she died, Pete Wolfe had purchased a bag of heroin; however, he claimed that he did not smoke it in the same room as the 27-year-old heiress. Robin Whitehead was a granddaughter of Teddy Goldsmith and a cousin of socialite Jemima Khan.

The exact cause of her death has yet to be established, but it is not being treated as suspicious.

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Greg Giraldo critical after prescription drug overdose

Comedian and judge of the show ‘Last Comic Standing’, Greg Giraldo is in a critical condition following an overdose of prescription drugs on Saturday night, says a report published in www.msnbc.com. He was staying in a hotel in New Jersey when the incident took place.

Earlier in the day, he had to perform at an event to support the Drug Addiction Recovery Month. Earlier, at a party at the hotel where he was staying, according to an eye witness, Greg was found to be unresponsive. The eye witness described the bash as being like a zoo. Greg was resuscitated by the medical team that arrived at the site and took him to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, which is located near Brunswick.

The drug overdose was an accident and not a suicide attempt, says a report in www.popeater.com. His condition is believed to be stable. The provocative and wildly funny comedian was performing at the Stress Factory comedy club and was staying at the hotel when the incident took place. People who came to attend the show were told that Giraldo has been rushed to the hospital but the reason was kept undisclosed.

Celebrities who have died from a drug overdose include Anna Nicole Smith, Brittany Murphy, John Belushi, Heath Ledger and River Phoenix

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Nanny speaks on Anna Nicole Smith’s death due to drug overdose

Anna Nicole Smith’s nanny has come out with another statement that she had a list of drugs given to the model, says a report published in www.huffingtonpost.com. Anna Nicole Smith’s doctors and lawyer boyfriend’s drug conspiracy trial has got the nanny speaking about the 18 drugs that the model used to take.

Nanny Nadine Alexie spoke to the jury about the drugs and said that she knew about the drugs Anna was consuming because she was studying to become a pharmacy technician. She showed the list of the drugs in the court on Tuesday that Anna was taking. The list included a number of opiates and sedatives.

In the report published in www.people.com, Nadine has said that Smith’s boyfriend Howard K. Stern and her doctor Khristine Eroshevich told her that Anna was not well but she clearly remembered the time when the model was perfectly fine and was not taking any medicines.

She said that Smith used to be happy and used to enjoy to dance, talk with her and read the Bible. There was also a time when Stern ordered her to take the medicine but she refused it as she was too busy in making a baby book for her newborn daughter.

The nanny has clearly said before the jury that the doctor would force Smith to take the medicines left by Eroshevich and after she took them she would become drowsy, groggy and had slurred speech. There were times when Smith was not even able to hold her newborn daughter as she was too weak.

Two celebrities who died of an accidental overdose include Heath Ledger and  Adam ‘DJ AM’ Goldstein. Other celebrities in hospital with medication overdoses include Shawn King, Fantasia Barrino and Jennifer Capriati.

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Fantasia Barrino doing much better since suicide attempt

Weeks after trying to take her own life, Fantasia Barrino says she is doing “much better” now. Appearing at an event in Atlanta on Saturday to promote her new album, Fantasia told RadarOnline.com in an exclusive interview: “I’m doing much better now. I’ve got my strength. I’m OK.”

Fantasia was rushed to a North Carolina hospital after taking an overdose of pills in early August. News of her affair with married Antwaun Cook and a lawsuit against her by his wife for allegedly ruining the marriage had just broken, and she reportedly couldn’t deal with it.

Fantasia, who won ‘American Idol’ in 2004, overdosed on Aspirin and sleeping pills, and was disappointed when she woke up in hospital.

“I remember waking up in the hospital and thinking I’m still in this hell hole with all the drama going on,” the Examiner quotes her as saying.

Fantasia was set on committing suicide after deciding not to deal with her life anymore, and said she knew exactly what she was doing when she took all those pills.

“I didn’t have any fight in me. I didn’t care about anything. I just wanted out,” People quotes Fantasia as saying in her VH1 ‘Behind the Music’ interview. “At that moment, I wanted out. I wanted it to be over with – all of it, all of that [expletive].

“I just sat in the closet and looked at the mirror and took all the pills in the bottle. I wanted to go to sleep and just be at peace. I knew exactly what I was doing. You can’t accidentally take a whole bottle of pills.”

But what made her want to end it all? Was it just the affair with Antwaun Cook?

“I was tired of people doing me wrong, constantly, over and over again, dealing with my family – my father, dealing with men and their s*** – I was tired,” she said. “My head was hurting me. I was over it.”

Fantasia claims a nurse in hospital gave her the motivation to keep going, which has seen her make appearances, perform and promote her album several times in the weeks following her suicide attempt.

And, despite her low point being only a few weeks ago, she seems to have recovered and learnt a lot about what it means to be in such a dark place.

“I realized how people end up in the grave. Because that one moment [snaps her fingers] of just breaking or feeling like I can’t, I can’t go on, it’s too heavy. That was somewhere I don’t ever want to go again.”

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Other celebrities who have had recent overdoses include Jennifer Capriati and Shawn King.

Other celebrities who have recently been in hospital for other reasons include Katy PerryCheryl Cole and Pink.

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Fantasia Barrino hospitalized with overdose

Just days after being accused of being a home wrecker for her alleged affair with a married man, Fantasia Barrino is in hospital seeking treatment for an overdose of aspirin and a sleeping aid.

“Her injuries are not life threatening. She was dehydrated and exhausted at the time,” Her manager Brian Dickens told People. “Fantasia is stable now. She will be released from the hospital soon.”

According to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department in North Carolina, Fantasia’s hospitalization is being classified as a suicide attempt.

The incident comes hot on the heels of the announcement that Fantasia is the center of a lawsuit as the reason Paula Cook’s marriage ended. Having denied allegations she was having an affair with Antwaun Cook, her manager now says she believed Cook was having problems and separated from his wife and proceeded to date him for 11 months.

According to the jilted wife, Fantasia and Antwaun also made a sex tape. Their “covert adulterous affair” led to the divorce, Paula maintains.

“Fantasia is a fighter and a survivor. This is not the hardest thing Fantasia has endured,” Brian Dickens added. “Fantasia will be stronger, smarter and better for it. Fantasia sends her praise to God and her eternal gratitude to her fans, friends, and family.”

Other celebrities who have had recent overdoses include Jennifer Capriati and Shawn King.

Other celebrities who have recently been in hospital for other reasons include Katy PerryCheryl Cole and Pink.

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Jennifer Capriati rushed to hospital with alleged overdose

Former top-ranked tennis player Jennifer Capriati has been rushed to hospital with a suspected drug overdose. TMZ was the first to report the 34-year-old was taken to a hospital by emergency services after a call came in from a Riviera Beach, Florida, hotel. TMZ also spoke to her father, who told them Jennifer is “recovering well” in hospital.

The world’s former number one female tennis player has received just as much media attention for her antics on court, just as off the court.

A child prodigy dubbed “The Can’t Miss Kid”, Jennifer was pushed into an early career in professional tennis. Turning pro at the tender age of 13, Jennifer, who always wanted to be a normal kid, began rebelling. She turned her back on tennis in 1992, the same year she won an Olympic gold medal.

Jennifer went from being a respected and talented athlete to a self-loathing individual. After quitting tennis she gained lots of weight, and admitted to having suicidal thoughts. In 1993 she was caught shoplifting, only to be arrested for marijuana possession a few months later.

After her time out, Jennifer went back on the circuit. After a slow start, she went on to win 14 championships, including four Grand Slam tournaments. She was ranked #1 in the world in 2001.

Other celebrities who have battled depression include Jim CarreyJ.K. RowlingHalle BerryHugh Laurie and Owen Wilson.

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