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Bubba Smith dies aged 66

Bubba Smith, who won Super Bowl in 1971 and became famous for his role as Moses Hightower in the Police Academy movies has died aged 66.

NFL sued for concealing concussion risks

As many as 75 former players have filed a lawsuit against the organisation, claiming it intentionally concealed the harmful effects of game-related concussions for 90 years.

Danny Wuerffel struck down by Guillain-Barre syndrome

Washington Redskins’ quarterback, Danny Wuerffel, has been diagnosed with Guillain-Barré syndrome, a disorder characterized by the immune system attacking the nervous system in response to a gastrointestinal or respiratory infection.

American Idol makes Americans idle

American Idol contestant Paul McDonald has sadly been eliminated from the show, but who cares? These programs are devised to transform nobodies into lowly celebrities and to lull viewers into a false sense of community.

NFL quarterback Peyton Manning and wife welcome twins

The sport star and his wife have always made an effort to keep their private life out of the limelight, and they managed to do a good job of it too, with a lid being kept on her pregnancy until just a few weeks ago. Even the news of the birth of their twins on 31 March was kept a secret for several days.

Don Meredith, NFL player and commentator passes away at 72

Few people can claim to have such a profound effect on their chosen career after they retire but Don Meredith, an all-pro quarterback made more of an impact on American Football after he finished playing. The NFL legend passed away on Sunday at a Santa Fe hospital, New Mexico at the age of 72.

Marcus Dupree – The best that never was

You could be forgiven for not knowing who Marcus Dupree is, so heavily recruited that a book called The Courting Of Marcus Dupree was written about him by Willie Morris. Following on from that, The Best That Never Was, directed by Jonathon Hock, tells the story of Marcus Dupree.

Junior Seau drives SUV off a cliff

Current NFL free agent Junior Seau apparently fell asleep while at the wheel and subsequently left the road where his vehicle plummeted down a steep embankment

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