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Treme actor's body found in river

The body of actor Michael Showers was found floating along the Mississippi river last Wednesday. Showers was a star in HBO drama Treme and played the role of police Capt. John Guidry.

Suspects arrested in DJ Megatron murder case as friends bid farewell

Just under two weeks ago Corey McGriff, aka DJ Megatron was murdered just a block from his home in Staten Island, New York, in the early hours of the morning as he walked to a local store. Police have now brought two suspects into custody on charges of murder, robbery and criminal possession of a weapon.

DJ Megatron murdered in New York

The world of hip-hop has been shaken this weekend by the news that DJ Megatron has been shot and killed near his home in Staten Island, New York. The circumstances surrounding his murder remain unclear and as yet no arrests have been made.

OJ Simpson beaten in prison by 'skinheads'

Some call it karma, some call it bad luck, but whatever the case it’s been a bad few months for OJ Simpson. The former NFL star, turned comedy actor, turned alleged but acquitted murderer has been beaten up in prison if rumours are to be believed.

‘Hiccup Girl’ arrested for murder

The American teen whose devastating battle with hiccups brought her worldwide attention three years ago is making headlines again, but for all the wrong reasons.

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