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Sharon Stone Overcame an Aneurysm While Living With Diabetes

Sharon Stone’s career has been in the spotlight since she made her breakthrough in the 1980s. The famously blonde Hollywood star certainly gave a lot of men cause to remember her performances in movies like ‘Basic Instinct’. After the initial commotion she turned to more serious roles as witnessed in ‘Casino’, playing alongside Robert De […]

Giuliana Rancic trying to IVF one more time

E! News host Giuliana Rancic and her husband, Bill, have announced that they will try In Vitro Fertilization one more time in the near future after another unsuccessful round.

Lily Allen planning wedding despite tragic miscarriage

Lily Allen has suffered tremendous heartbreak since losing her and Sam Cooper’s baby when she was six months pregnant earlier this month, but finally there is some good news for the London singer and her builder boyfriend, or –according to some reports — fiance.

Jenna Jameson switches from porn star role to that of doting mother

Widely acknowledged as the world’s most famous adult entertainer, Jenna Jameson has revealed that the decision to become a mother was the moment she made the choice to rehaul her life, quitting her career as porn star to give her babies a chance of having a “normal” upbringing.

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