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Witness claims Dr. Murray delayed calling 911

A witness at the trial in which Dr. Conrad Murray is charged for involuntary manslaughter for his involvement of Michael Jackson’s death claims Murray ensured drugs were stowed away before calling paramedics

Aviophobia: the fear of flying

Physical health is always an area of concern but mental health conditions can be frustrating and painful. There are varieties of phobias that a person may develop as a result of a tragedy. Aviophobia is a fear of flying and is one of the two most common fears humans have. Almost 20 percent of adults have aviophobia.

Did Macaulay Culkin father Blanket?

Bizarre rumor: did child star Macaulay Culkin‚ famous from ‘Home Alone’, father Michael Jackson’s youngest child, Prince Michael II, aka Blanket?

Michael Jackson death officially ruled a homicide by coroner

Two months after the King of Pop’s untimely death, the Los Angeles County coroner has released parts of the complete report into Michael Jackson’s death, which is officially being ruled a homicide. In other news, his family are sending his sperm to a secure clinic in London from an L.A. sperm bank in order to prevent anyone from creating a new heir to his fortune.

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