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Michael Douglas – tumour gone

Five months after being diagnosed with late-stage throat cancer, Michael Douglas is confident that he has beaten the disease and that the tumor has gone. “The odds are, with the tumour gone and what I know about this particular type of cancer, that I’ve got it beat,” the actor told Matt Lauer in an appearance on NBC’s […]

Michael Douglas does not have three months to live

Images of Michael Douglas recently appeared in The National Enquirer in which the actor looked exceptionally frail and emaciated, suggesting that the Wallstreet star  – who has been diagnosed with cancer, might not have long to live. A representative for the actor spoke out against any reports that the star might be ailing, telling the speculation […]

Michael Douglas says tumor is gone

Five months after being diagnosed with late-stage throat cancer, Michael Douglas has revelaed that his tumor is gone and that he is confident that he has beaten the cancer.

Michael Douglas on very unHollywood weight-gain diet

Hollywood and dieting are two terms that go hand in hand. But whereas the majority of celebrities are constantly striving to knock off the pounds, cancer-stricken Michael Douglas has been put on a diet to do just the contrary.

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