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Michael Jackson death officially ruled a homicide by coroner

Two months after the King of Pop’s untimely death, the Los Angeles County coroner has released parts of the complete report into Michael Jackson’s death, which is officially being ruled a homicide. In other news, his family are sending his sperm to a secure clinic in London from an L.A. sperm bank in order to prevent anyone from creating a new heir to his fortune.

Melanie Griffith checks into rehab

52-year-old Hollywood star Melanie Griffith has reportedly checked herself into Cirque Lodge in Utah – her third stint in a rehabilitation institution.

Celebrities with addictions

What do Jamie Lee Curtis, Heath Ledger, Anna Nicole Smith and Lindsay Lohan all have in common? For decades now, drug consumption and addiction have played a notorious role in the lives of Hollywood stars. But now a new problem is on the increase – prescription drug abuse.

Did Michael Jackson’s addiction kill him?

The premature death of ‘King of Pop’ has left many fans questioning the musician’s lifestyle. The investigation into his death on June 25 has revealed Jackson was addicted to several medications simultaneously. What were these medications and why did he take them excessively – and most importantly, did the doctor who prescribed these medications administer the lethal injection?

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