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Controversial Rihanna Admits She is a C***.

Rihanna spotted wearing a necklace that spelled out what other sites have referred to as ‘the ‘c’ word’ and have labelled inappropriate. I think they mean the word ‘C+++’ and I don’t think it’s ever been more appropriate.

Madonna’s Lies About Surgery and Aging.

If you must have surgery or if you are Photoshopped beyond recognition, be open about it. Or even better, age naturally. What better example is that to young women already obsessed about their bodies and who can’t afford personal trainers, surgery and Photoshop.

Madonna to release another signature scent

While some sites have expressed their surprise that Madonna didn’t release her own fragrance earlier in her career, I’ve always been of the opinion that she released her signature scent with every new single, album, book or film she shat out.

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