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Lady Gaga Wants You to Join the Body Revolution

As role models go there is a vastly divided opinion on Lady Gaga. Sure, she’s done a lot to try and help young, disenfranchised people find their place in the universe and been an advocate for anti-suicide and depression, but her methodology is questionable as she has a budget and backroom team that most of […]

Lady Gaga jumps on Jamey Rodemeyer suicide

Our favourite celebrity self-hawker Lady Gaga is back in the news today (as if she was ever out of it) , this time on the rampage against bullying after Jamey Rodemeyer’s suicide.

Madonna’s Lies About Surgery and Aging.

If you must have surgery or if you are Photoshopped beyond recognition, be open about it. Or even better, age naturally. What better example is that to young women already obsessed about their bodies and who can’t afford personal trainers, surgery and Photoshop.

Lady Gaga Falls Over Again During Annie Liebowitz Shoot

When I heard that Lady Gaga was going to be shot, I finally laid down my anti-theology sword and shield and realized that there was a god afterall. No offense to Lady Gaga, she’s a young music industry marionette who sold her soul to el diablo in return for fame and fortune…

Justin Bieber in Car Crash

Unfortunately, the youngster, who denies he is a lesbian, was unhurt as the collision was way too minor to put an end to his career as Ellen DeGeneres’ daughter because the ‘crash’ was actually more of a far less newsworthy slight prang.

Who Killed Amy Winehouse?

Four weeks on and the the long awaited toxicology report has proved frustratingly inconclusive and it seems there is still no closure for the Amy Winehouse saga – just a load of speculation as to what might or might not have finished the young poplet off.

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