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Kelly Osbourne a Yo-Yo Dieter?

The last thing you’d expect to find as a cause of obesity is dieting; it’s like discovering that abstinence causes alcoholism, exercise makes you fat or marriage makes you happy. But that fact remains that one of the major causes of obesity, both physically and psychologically, is dieting; extreme dieting (which is commonly known as […]

Kelly Osbourne nearly had a gastric surgery

Ozzy Osbourne’s daughter, famous for being chubby, loud mouthed and obnoxious  has been gracing the pages of all the kinds of glossy magazines you’d expect the ex-goth to hate – most recently in nothing but a bikini for the cover of girly health mag – Shape. The outspoken star has publicly battled with the bulge for […]

Who Killed Amy Winehouse?

Four weeks on and the the long awaited toxicology report has proved frustratingly inconclusive and it seems there is still no closure for the Amy Winehouse saga – just a load of speculation as to what might or might not have finished the young poplet off.

Kelly Osbourne – Famously Unfamous

Clearly the money is not enough for them. Obviously the cursory fame (on the back of someone else’s name) is not enough, so why do people like Kelly Osbourne act like they’re famous in their own right?

Kelly Osbourne Attacks Christina Aguilera for Being Fat

Ozzy Osbourne’s daughter has labelled Christina Aguilera a “fat bitch” in a continuation of the ongoing puerile feud between the two girlies. It seems she’ll do anything to get herself in the headlines at the moment.

The best celebrity bodies of 2010

Jennifer Hudson and Kelly Osbourne have been voted by Fitness magazine as having the best celebrity bodies in the category Best Celeb Slim Down.

Kelly Osbourne on how she nearly had gastric surgery

The outspoken reality star has battled with her weight for much of her life and has been in and out of rehab for addiction to drugs. This weekend, on Piers Morgan’s show Life Stories, Kelly opened up about how she ballooned after coming off drugs.

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