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Halle Berry talks openly about diabetes

She’s portrayed Bond girls, Catwoman, double agents, psychiatric nurses and was the first African-American actress to in an Oscar, yet through all her fame and A-List profile, Halle Berry has had to live with the difficulties associated with Diabetes. The actress has starred in Hollywood blockbusters ‘X Men’ (In which she played ‘Storm’), ‘Swordfish’ and […]

Hugh Jackman: Adopted Children Over IVF

Jackman and his wife now have two adopted children but the pathway to having a family wasn’t your usual filthy five-minute panting session on a Friday night after three too many bottles of Rioja.

Giuliana & Bill: Shocking IVF Series Update!

In the couple’s riveting show called simply Giuliana & Bill the F list celebrities are seen giving fertility treatment another go, despite having already said that they were going to take a year off from trying to conceive. What a plot, right!

Giuliana Rancic trying to IVF one more time

E! News host Giuliana Rancic and her husband, Bill, have announced that they will try In Vitro Fertilization one more time in the near future after another unsuccessful round.

Marcia Cross advocates migraine prevention

Marcia Cross is one of 28 million American suffering from migraines. The actress has spoken out about her illness, publicly endorsing anti-migraine medication and providing tips on how to prevent the headaches.

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