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Google celebrates Les Paul's birthday with a doodle

Google’s doodle today is celebrating the birthday of an individual who made his mark on the world of music and left a legacy of six-stringed desirables in his wake. Les Paul, immortalised by Gibson guitars is the man of the hour.

Google had to make tough decision over Sam Fox doodle

Google found themselves in a difficult situation yesterday over which occasion to mark with their doodle. Charlie Chaplin’s short film won the day but it was a close call as the internet search and advertising giant really wanted to celebrate the 45th birthday of British singer, actress and model Samantha Fox.

Google celebrates Yuri Gagarin: The accidental cosmonaut

Yuri Gagarin was the first man in space and Google is celebrating his fantastic achievement today with a nice little doodle. Although the ‘space race’ was born out of desperation to be the kingpin of the cold war between the east and the west, the Russian pilot did not go into space as part of an international game of one-upmanship; indeed he was forced to go by the loss of his pets.

Google celebrates Houdini's 137th birthday with a doodle

The term ‘death defying” was undoubtedly epitomised by one man whose stunts and escapades are as thrilling today as they were 100 years ago. Harry Houdini still remains one of the most revered escapologists 85 years after is death, and today Google is celebrating his 137th birthday with a simple doodle.

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