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Lady Gaga jumps on Jamey Rodemeyer suicide

Our favourite celebrity self-hawker Lady Gaga is back in the news today (as if she was ever out of it) , this time on the rampage against bullying after Jamey Rodemeyer’s suicide.

Zach Braff is Gay. Oh No He Isn't.

Homosexual men will be expelling saturnine groans of utter disappointment today as, contrary to a statement that recently appeared on the actor’s website, Zach Braff isn’t actually batting for the other team.

Perez Hilton to quit blog bullying

Following the suicide of Tyler Clementi, a 19 year old student who was cruelly filmed in a sexual encounter with another man by his so-called friends, Perez Hilton has decided to change tack with his popular blog site.

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