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Bill Clinton turns to veganism after heart operation

High levels of cholesterol are a growing problem these days and are attributed to the types of food we eat and the stressful lifestyles many of us have. Furthermore, If “bad” cholesterol isn’t dealt with quickly it can have dire consequences, as former president, Bill Clinton found out. On September 7, 2004, three years after […]

Anorexic Portia De Rossi almost proud to weigh 82 lbs

Portia De Rossi lived on 300 calories per day during the height of her anorexia, a fact she shared with another well documented eating disorder victim, Oprah WInfrey. A tearful De Rossi admitted that it was almost a proud achievement to weigh in at just 82 lbs. “It wasn’t that I was proud of it,“ […]

Justin Bieber in Car Crash

Unfortunately, the youngster, who denies he is a lesbian, was unhurt as the collision was way too minor to put an end to his career as Ellen DeGeneres’ daughter because the ‘crash’ was actually more of a far less newsworthy slight prang.

Ernest Hemingway's life documented in new film

Ernest Hemingway is hitting the headlines this morning after it was revealed that a new HBO film is in the pipeline charting the pioneering writer’s life. The film called , “Hemingway and Gelhorn” and will star Clive Owen as the protagonist.

Jennifer Aniston is not adopting a Mexican baby

With the current celebrity trend child adoption becoming something of a fashion, it comes as a huge relief to discover that Jennifer Aniston is not in the process of jumping on the bandwagon.

Perez Hilton to quit blog bullying

Following the suicide of Tyler Clementi, a 19 year old student who was cruelly filmed in a sexual encounter with another man by his so-called friends, Perez Hilton has decided to change tack with his popular blog site.

Tyler Clementi suicide sparks celebrity support

On 22nd September Tyler Clementi tragically took his own life after cruel room mates Dharun Ravi and Molly Wei allegedly streamed a video of him in an intimate encounter with another man.

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