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Burt Reynolds on his Addiction to Painkillers

Moustache-toting Hollywood actor, Burt Reynolds, entered himself into a rehabilitation clinic in Florida in order to receive treatment for his addiction to painkillers. Reynolds fell into the dependency trap after undergoing surgery on his back but after the initial pain subsided he realized he couldn’t stop taking the medication. He checked himself into the Hanley […]

Betty Ford left and extraordinary life behind

Betty Ford, former first lady and founder of the acclaimed Betty Ford Center died at the incredible age of 93 while under the care of medical staff at the Eisenhower Medical Center in Rancho, Mirage. She passed away peacefully as a result of natural causes after a life of trials and tribulations which led to […]

Lindsay Lohan's ongoing battle with addiction

Lindsay Lohan has managed to get herself into more hot water with the law these last few months, having spent more time behind bars, once for violating her probation, and another for failing a drugs test. Just as things were beginning to look up and having just finished a stint in rehab courtesy of Betty Ford […]

Ronnie Wood helps son through rehab

Ronnie Wood of the Rolling Stones has not only spent several stints in rehab but is now helping his son Jesse through treatment for an addiction. In an interview in Uncut magazine in January 2011, Wood says, “Jesse’s going through rehab…We’re helping each other out…I’m over six months clean and good with it. Boredom is a killer, as […]

Lindsay Lohan's mom admits daughter is addict

Lindsay Lohan’s mother has admitted that her wayward daughter is an addict, during an appearance on the Today Show. In previous interviews, mother Dina had denied Lindsay’s condition and  instead blamed the judge handling the case, according to The People. When questioned by Today’s Matt Lauer why she had done so, she responded: “That was for Lindsay to […]

Tom Sizemore's defining role as idiot in sex film

When celebrity sex tapes are mentioned it’s the Paris Hiltons, Rihannas and other female film or music stars whose names crop up, so when someone throws in Tom Sizemore there’s understandable gagging and horror involved.

Drug addled Tom Sizemore arrested due to old warrant

Being an actor Tom Sizemore can pretty much do whatever he wants. With a previous record for domestic violence and drug offences, the former Saving Private Ryan and Natural Born Killers star clearly needs a stint in jail or rehab to straighten him out.

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