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The Pritikin Principle Diet

Choosing an appropriate diet is not easy but one famous diet that has been successfully tried by many people is the Pritikin Principle Diet. Founded 30 years ago, the Pritikin Principle Diet is a very low fat diet with main focus on eating fruits, vegetables and grains.

The Sonoma Diet

Dieting is a practice that is adopted either by choice or by compulsion. Whenever a person is on a diet, it is difficult to follow a strict regime in order to reduce weight. But there are certain diets, which allow you to eat almost everything without any restrictions. The Sonoma Diet is one such diet plan.

The Step Diet

The Step Diet has no system of carbohydrates, calories and grams. It works on the basic principle of moving more and eating less and right. This diet will let you walk off the weight.

The ’21 pounds in 21 days’ diet

Today’s long-running diet plans are difficult to follow. Where it used to take months to see results, diet programs have shifted to become effective after only a few days, which make it a fast process with quick and effective results. One such diet program is called ‘21 Pounds in 21 Days’, which promises the weight loss of 21 pounds in a mere 21 days.

The Spectrum Diet

Different kinds of weight loss programs are hitting the markets with varied concepts of reducing weight. Some say eliminating fattening agents can work wonders but some think that eating all food items with moderate proportions is good enough. Formulated by Dean Ornish, the Spectrum Diet is a lifestyle program suitable for almost everyone’s weight loss dreams.

The New Beverly Hills Diet

The New Beverly Hills Diet is all about combining your conscience with healthy eating at the right time.

The Volumetrics Diet

Limiting your diet will not work in the long run because it will keep you unhappy about the fact that you are hungry and this will take you back to your old habits. It is advisable to follow a short-term plan with no severe restrictions but that allows one to eat everything but in moderate amounts. The Volumetrics diet plan is one such program where the dieters lose weight while eating more. Designed by nutritionist Barbara Rolls, this plan discourages the concept of eating less in order to shed extra pounds.

The Grapefruit Diet/ The Hollywood Diet

In today’s time, people are impatient and look for quicker options to get desired results. This same thing goes with losing weight where people are now searching for short-term weight loss programs including the Grapefruit Diet. Also known as the Hollywood Diet, it helps the dieters to yield quick weight loss results by consuming a magical ingredient called grapefruit, which fastens the fat burning process.

Sugar Busters Diet

Whenever we think of gaining weight or obesity, the first thing that strikes our mind are carbohydrates, which are actually high on sugar. If the sugar content is reduced in daily eating portions, it will be of great help to the dieters in order to manage their weight. The Sugar Busters Diet is based on the basic principle of ‘cut sugar to trim fat’.

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