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Low-Fat diet under the scanner

A research study claims that spending time on low-fat diet to cut extra kilos, might not lead to reduced cholesterol levels and a healthy heart

The Dr. Andrew Weil Diet

It is a proven fact that eating less will help in weight reduction. Losing weight is not easy, and as many of us are aware: in order to obtain something sometimes we must compromise. This philosophy is a part of Dr. Andrew Weil Diet which works on the fundamental of “Eat less, exercise more”.

Vegetarian diet

Adopting a green diet in your daily routine is an ideal way of staying healthy . Vegetarians usually have lower body weight, suffer less from diseases and generally have greater life expectancy than non- vegetarians.

The Zone Diet Plan

Staying fit and healthy is what everyone craves for in today’s hectic world. Long working hours are responsible for paucity of time to actually go to gyms and workout. The best way is to follow a healthy diet plan which is the most natural way of losing weight and lead a healthy life. With obesity raising its ugly head alarmingly, it has raised many health related concerns. A simple way to enjoy good health and weight loss benefits is to follow the Zone Diet Plan.

The vegan diet

A vegan diet is part of vegetarianism but differs in terms of the philosophy attached to it.

The Fat Flush Diet

There are many ways a person can lose weight, however the most popular method seems to be dieting. The Fat Flush Diet is one of many out there, but promises it will get you the results you want.

The Raw Food Diet

Weight-loss is the foundation of staying healthy and free from diseases and can be achieved by following an ideal diet plan. One such package is the raw food diet, considered a healthy way to lose weight.

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