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Chris Hemsworth talks THOR, humility and bulking up

Chris Hemsworth has been doing the promotional rounds ahead of the next Marvel Studios release, THOR, in which he stars as the Nordic looking protagonist who wields a mighty hammer and basically smashes things up with a bit of thunder and lightning to give the eyes something to feast on.

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution takes on Los Angeles

British celebrity chef, Jamie Oliver’s second season of Food Revolution this time takes on Los Angeles: a city with an obesity problem commensurate with its worldwide reputation. But in this new series, the LAUSD (Los Angeles Unified School District) seems to be a little more resistant to his’mockney’ (mock cockney) down-to-earth, ‘I’m a little chimney Sweep, spare some change guvna’, British charm.

More sleep can aid weight loss

Those who get enough sleep and don’t get stressed are apparently more likely to succeed in the battle against the bulge.

From hamburgers to salads: Aretha Franklin reveals her weight loss secrets

The Queen of soul is looking slimmer and healthier than she has in many years — much to the surprise of her fans, who for months have been led to believe that she is suffering from incurable pancreatic cancer. In a recent interview, Aretha Franklin sheds some light on how she is shaping up.

Wolverine: Hugh Jackman bulks up with high-calorie diet

On the red carpet a trim and toned physique is the norm. But for movie roles, actors are often required to subject themselves to extreme body transformations, shedding or gaining a significant amount of weight and devoting themselves to months of physically gruelling training.

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