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Demi Lovato Battles Bipolar Disorder Everyday

Teen star Demi Lovato has suffered with Bipolar Disorder for many, many years and she revealed her belief that her daily battles with it are likely to run for the rest of her life. The former Sonny With a Chance star was admitted to rehab in 2010 and it was then she realised she was […]

Demi Lovato leaves rehab

Recovering teenage star Demi Lovato had her Christmas wish come true when she was allowed to leave rehab in order to spend Chrissie day with her loved ones. The eighteen-year-old star spent the day with her mother Dianna, two sisters and step father Eddie De La Garza at a Hollywood Boulevard restaurant. “They seemed very happy and […]

Demi Lovato checks herself into rehab

The troubled teen star Demi Lovato, who has publicly struggled with eating disorders and bullying, has recently hit rock bottom after a “physical altercation” with a dancer whilst she was on tour with the Jonas Brothers. It was after a recent concert that Lovato and a small group of friends went out  partying. When the […]

Demi Lovato releases post-rehab video to fans at no cost

They’re starting them younger and younger these days and within hours of developing from a foetus into a human Demi Lovato was in rehab, apparently for stress related issues. She’s home again now and has a video message for her fans; whom she says helped her through the tough ordeal.

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