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Whitney Houston dead

Whitney Houston was found dead in the hotel room of the Beverly Hills Hilton on Saturday on the eve of her scheduled appearance at the Grammy Awards. There is much speculation as to the cause of the diva’s death with some claiming she overdosed on a combination of prescription drugs and alcohol that led to […]

Amy Winehouse: it was the booze that killed her

It was inevitable that the coroner’s report would eventually site alcohol as the cause of Amy Winehouse’s death back in July this year. Alcohol had played its part in the downfall of the chanteuse ever since…

Who Killed Amy Winehouse?

Four weeks on and the the long awaited toxicology report has proved frustratingly inconclusive and it seems there is still no closure for the Amy Winehouse saga – just a load of speculation as to what might or might not have finished the young poplet off.

Avi Cohen dies aged 54

Former soccer star Avi Cohen has died aged 54. He suffered fatal injuries following a motorbike accident earlier in the week.

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