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Denise Richards Taught Her Children About Addiction at an Early Age

After a difficult marriage with Charlie Sheen and his later, very public explosion, Denise Richards has admitted she found it hard shielding her children from the devastating glare of his obvious mental health and possible addiction problems. Sheen’s meteoric capitulation hit the headlines almost on a daily basis for several months of 2011 but after […]

Charlie Sheen Shrugs Off Breakdown

Charlie Sheen has been through his fair share of woes in the past few years and his social and mental demise between 2010 and 2011 was well documented by just about every news outlet on the planet. After a failed attempt at a live touring show which left audiences baffled and less than amused, and […]

Charlie Sheen in 36-hour drug binge

Hollywood’s favorite hell-raiser and star of the US sitcom Two And Half Men, Charlie Sheen, has thankfully gone into rehab after a 36-hour binge of drugs and drink that involved various porn ‘actresses’. During the binge he admitted to one of the ‘actresses’ that he had lost all his teeth and that he had had them […]

Charlie Sheen is dead: rumours are untrue

Seeing headlines of ‘Charlie Sheen is dead’ come as no shock, nor does the lack of their validity. Sheen and his faux death rumours are a product of the media tangle we all live in.

Is Nicholas Cage set to assume the mantle of Charlie Sheen?

With Sheen’s stealthy exit from the media microscope there is a void crying out to be filled by a new face in the clown; could it be that the new suitor for the hand of over-exposure and curveball behaviour is none other than Nicholas Cage?

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