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Seinfeld actor Len Lesser dies aged 88

The world has lost another comedic great with the passing of Len Lesser, best known for his recurring role as Uncle Leo on Seinfeld. He died from cancer-related pneumonia.

Michael Douglas says tumor is gone

Five months after being diagnosed with late-stage throat cancer, Michael Douglas has revelaed that his tumor is gone and that he is confident that he has beaten the cancer.

Jane Fonda fully recovered after cancer scare

Still looking great at an incredible 72 years of age, the Oscar winning Jane Fonda has been given a clean bill of health after doctors have assured her she is now free of cancer.

Denise Borino-Quinn dies of liver cancer

Denise Borino-Quinn, famous for her role as the wife of a mob boss in the extremely popular, award-winning HBO series The Sopranos, has died of cancer aged just 46.

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