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Elton John's bulimia and drug addiction

The rock legend that is Elton John has spoken openly about his private battles with both bulimia and drug addiction during an interview with the Chicago Sun Times. “It really was Elvis Presley time again,” the legend said. “[Rock] isn’t a normal life. You get cut off from people, isolated. It’s easy to lose your […]

The Alternate Day Diet: not an alternative.

One day you can eat chips, gateau, ice cream, cookies, beer and hot dogs, deep fried cheese and clotted cream sandwiches, pepperoni pizza dipped in chocolate double-deep-fried and rolled in sugar. Twice. And the next day you compensate by pretty much fasting.

Dukan play at that game – the Dukan diet

I don’t trust any diet that favors protein over green vegetables. To me that’s just ludicrous. Any diet that encourages such a system is controversial, and more than likely hazardous to the health and the Dukan diet is just that.

Stephanie Pratt tells of early battle with bulimia

The ‘Hills’ actress says she battled an eating disorder when she was young, and while her parents did not see the warning signs, she hopes telling the world of her battle will help other families.

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