American Obesity Rates Have Risen, and Sea Level Will Do the Same

If we don’t do anything, we will all be overweight and floating in water, pecked at by seagulls who’ve leveraged the new conditions to wrestle control of most major American cities from our decaying, decrepit species—or at least that’s the takeaway from two things on the Internet today.

Over at The Atlantic, James Hamblin put together this graphic of the country’s obesity rates as they progressed—maybe regressed is the better word?—from 1990 to 2010. As you can see in the key, the darker-blue and then redder things get, the more obese an area has become.

So, plummeting health! But also: rising tides! A recent New York Times post visualizes various sea-level-rise rates—from five to 15 to 25 feet—with two-dimensional maps. Unless widespread changes are made, the takeaway here is that large portions of Boston, New York City, and Washington, D.C., will be under water in 100 to 300 years. Nickolay Lamm, at, created some photographs that show what things will look like once the ocean overtakes us. They’re fascinating. Max Read at Gawker GIF’d together (sorry) the photos Lamm made for the D.C. area. You can see his creation below.

Back in September, the BBC asked: “Why are there so many seagulls in cities?

You’re welcome, BBC.

Jimmy Saville Fixed it for Himself

Jimmy Saville - paedo and necrophile

Jimmy Saville surrounded by women. Aren’t they a bit too old or alive for him?

Jimmy Saville is still making the headlines after is death but for all the wrong reasons. The former Radio 1 DJ, children’s presenter and tireless charity worker was highly respected by the public during his living days and seen as a shining light for disenfranchised children the world over.

Now however, after allegations of child abuse by many former employees at the BBC it turns out that dear old Jim may have had a penchant for stiffs as well. While working voluntarily at the Stoke Mandeville Hospital (where he was afforded his own private room) he had a set of keys to the mortuary and he often spoke of the ‘privilege’ of saying goodbye to someone personally, occasionally stating that people thought he was a necrophiliac.

In an interview with Q Magazine he talked about his time wheeling corpses down the the mortuary for cold storage and made the defensive claim without prompting, in the exact same way he joked about people calling him a paedophile long before any allegations were fielded.

Experts are now saying that Saville fits the profile of a predator who used their public profile to hide in plain sight; his ‘victims’ too scared to come forward because of his stature and the fear that nobody would believe them.

Running away from Jimmy Saville wasn't easy; he was a marathon runner you know.

I think that’s fairly self explanatory.

His hit tv show, “Jim’ll Fix It”, in which children wrote to him asking him to ‘fix’ their wishes and he duly obliged (provided they fitted in with the BBC’s meagre budget and were available for a rummage after the show) was a smash success and he spent his entire career in the company of minors, allegedly grooming them. In fact, undoubtedly doing so; after all, he’s dead now so he can’t exactly sue me for saying so, can he?

I always suspected Jimmy wasn’t on the level; his persona too good to be true and his eccentricity too obvious a mask for something darker. His love of children was a little too emphatic and he was certainly no Peter Pan.

His addiction to the young and deceased doesn’t come as a shock; the only shock being that he wasn’t outed when he was alive. He has escaped the consequences of his actions and no amount of taking back OBEs will do anything to change the fact that he was a first rate fiddler who targeted young girls who were already damaged goods and used them for his own debauched and nefarious ends.

Perhaps British comedian Jimmy Carr summed it up best when he said, “I see Jimmy Saville is dead. Must have got my letter at last.”