How diabetic women's pregnancy chances can be boosted

Watching what you eat, exercising properly and ensuring adequate nutrition with a vitamin supplement which has adequate amounts of folic acid may improve chances of conception in diabetic women.

Women with diabetes face a special challenge-getting and then staying pregnant. Poor glucose control may create an environment where the high sugars prevent both conceiving as well as maintaining the pregnancy, Diabetic Living India reported.

Women who develop diabetes can be prone to developing other disorders such as thyroid disease or autoimmune premature ovarian failure.

Miscarriage rates among women with poorly controlled diabetes can be as high as 30 to 60 percent during that crucial first trimester of pregnancy. The risk of birth defects is also high, and also stems from uncontrolled blood sugar levels around the time of conception.

A baby’s brain, heart, kidneys and lungs form during the first eight weeks of pregnancy, therefore high blood glucose levels are especially harmful during this early stage.

The main diabetes complication, including gestational diabetes, related to pregnancy is macrosomia – or a big baby (higher than the 90th percentile in birth weight).

Women with Type 1 diabetes will require insulin before, during and after their pregnancy.

However, if a woman has type 2 diabetes then she will require oral medications with or without insulin to achieve appropriate control of your diabetes.

In order to enhance chances of delivering a healthy baby, diabetic women should work with health care team to get their blood glucose under control before getting pregnant. – Obesity and type 2 diabetes link identified

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There are an estimated 371 million people with diabetes in the world and around 90 percent of these cases are type 2 diabetes. By 2030, there will be some 550 million with the condition based on current trends.

Cases of diabetes have more than doubled since 1980, with 70 percent of the trend due to aging populations worldwide and the other 30 percent estimated to be due to increasing prevalence of risk factors including obesity.

Straight from the Source

Read the original study

DOI: 10.1016/j.cmet.2013.02.019

New research published in Cell Metabolism identifies a key mechanism in the immune system involved in the development of obesity-linked type 2 diabetes. The findings open up new possibilities for treatment and prevention of this condition, which is becoming increasingly prevalent worldwide.

The association between obesity and diabetes has long been recognized but the molecules responsible for this association are unclear.

Lead author Jane Howard and her colleagues from King’s College London studied mice genetically engineered to lack T-bet, a protein that regulates the differentiation and function of immune cells. They found that the mice had improved insulin sensitivity despite being obese.

“When T-bet was absent this altered the relationship between fat and insulin resistance; the mice had more intra-abdominal fat but were actually more sensitive to the glucose lowering effects of insulin,” says Howard. “As fat accumulation in the abdomen is typically associated with worsening insulin resistance and other features of the metabolic syndrome, the findings seen were both unusual and unexpected.”

It turned out that the intra-abdominal fat of these mice contained fewer immune cells and was less inflamed than that of normal mice. The researchers then went on to discover that by transferring immune cells lacking T-bet to young, lean mice they were able to improve insulin sensitivity. “It appears that T-bet expression in the adaptive immune system is able to influence metabolic physiology,” adds Professor Graham Lord.

Although human obesity is often associated with insulin resistance and diabetes, this is not always the case.

“Our data suggests that obesity can be uncoupled from insulin resistance, through the absence of T-bet,” says Howard. Several of the main drugs currently used to treat type 2 diabetes work by improving insulin sensitivity.

Further studies are needed to identify other molecules in the pathway of action of T-bet which could pave the way for future drug development in the treatment of type 2 diabetes. The administration of specific immune cells as immunotherapy to improve insulin resistance may also one day become a therapeutic possibility.

“This is just the start,” says Howard. “The idea that the immune system can impact on metabolism is very exciting, but more research needs to be done before we can bring this work from the bench to the bedside for the benefit of patients.”

The UK Medical Research Council funded the study.

Source: King’s College London

Infant with diabetes gets a lifeline

State government to provide treatment for 24-day-old infant born with Neonatal Diabetes Mellitus, a rare condition occurring in 1 in every two lakh live births in the country

The State government has offered to provide help for life-long, if necessary, in the treatment of a 24-day-old infant, who was born with Neonatal Diabetes Mellitus (NDM), a rare condition and estimated to be occurring in 1 in every two lakh live births in the country.

The male baby was born in a private hospital on January 28 in Karimnagar where the paediatrician detected high blood sugar levels. The baby was then referred to another private hospital here for about 10 days before being admitted to Niloufer Hospital.

Lok Ayukta of Andhra Pradesh, Justice B. Subhashan Reddy, took up the case suo motu last week and directed the government to provide necessary treatment to the baby born to poor parents hailing from Mallapur village in Karimnagar district. He had observed that it was the fittest case for the government to intervene and said that the child should not be allowed to die simply because his parents could not afford treatment.

Head of Department and Professor of Neonatology at Niloufer Hospital, Dr. Hima Bindu Singh, said the baby was being closely monitored and insulin was being given intermittently either subcutaneously or intravenously. She said that to know if it was a transient or permanent NDM, blood samples were sent by air to Mohan Diabetes Centre at Chennai on Tuesday for molecular genetic testing and the report was expected in two months.

The baby would be kept at the hospital for the coming weeks and the family members would be trained in the meantime on how to monitor the condition and give insulin. The baby would be discharged only after the family members were confident of taking care of him. Endocrinologist, Dr. Jayanti Ramesh said NDM was caused by genetic mutation. He said in case it was temporary phenomenon, the child would recover in the coming months but it could recur again in adulthood.

Karimnagar DM HO, Dr. K. Nageshwar Rao said the parents of the baby were assured that government would reimburse the expenditure incurred on the treatment of the baby so far. He said even if insulin was required for life-long, it was possible for the government to provide. “After discharge, my health assistants would regularly follow-up at Mallapur village,” he added.

Mel B wants to have even more kids

Mel B wants to have more children and is hoping to break into the record books by siring sprogs with as many different fathers as possible.

As the saying goes, “you can take the girl out of the council estate, but you can’t take the council estate out of the girl.”

It is unclear whether Mel B (Melanie Brown) wants more children in the hope of getting her own council subsidised flat and increased benefits which the British government are always keen to hand out, or if she actually wants kids for the right reasons.

Mel B and Emma Bunton of the Spice Girls.

Formerly of the Spice Girls, a ‘group’ of low class English females who were good at shouting, pouting and louting (but little else), and which has spawned serial child dispenser Victoria Beckham (currently with four to her name – all with the same man though).

Having just unleashed her third daughter on the world, Madison, Scary Spice is now talking up the prospects of sullying the planetary gene pool even more.

“I want some more. I love kids. I say if you can have kids, have them, and if not, adopt.”

Mel B looking good at the pool in LA. It is unsure whether she was pregnant or not at the time.

Current husband Stephen Belafonte who also has seven-year-old daughter from a previous girlfriend is in accord with his current fling and backed her up saying, “Maybe we’ll adopt. Helping an underprivileged kid is a good thing. You can change someone’s life who is already here.”

They could both help the lives of many people already here by shutting up and going away. For some reason Mel B is still clinging to celebrity status despite having done pretty much nothing since the Spice Girls‘ demise other than have a child and a terrible marriage with Jimmy Gulzar, a fling and another child with Eddie Murphy, and now what? Married to Stephen Belafonte who is famous for producing some awful films and punching men in London hotels.

Mel B with husband Stephen Belafonte. He's a film producer and pugilist you know.

Having almost separated in August 2010 the couple seem to have tried to patch their marriage up by having a child which is always a fantastic method and rarely ever fails to cover the cracks in any relationship.

Despite the setbacks, Mel is dogged in her determination to shit another one out, partly because her first daughter, Phoenix (presumably named after Peter Kay’s ‘Phoenix Nights‘, a comedy set in a Bolton working men’s club – something which must bring great comfort to Mel B) wants a baby brother.

“Phoenix is over the moon but I think she’d still like a boy, so maybe we’ll try again in a few years.”

In a few years she’ll be old enough to have her own and get a council flat on the back of it.

Mel B and Eddie Murphy's child Phoenix wants a baby boy.

Mel seems happy that she’s getting things right at the third time of asking though.

“Ideally you want to have your loving partner who you’ve created this baby with by your side throughout everything and Angel and Phoenix’s cases, that wasn’t the set up.

“This time, I’ve done it with my partner, someone to come to every appointment with me – to get excited by the scans. It finally feels like I’ve done it right.”

Time will tell but for now, please let’s all give the couple so much privacy that they disappear off the radar forever, go back to their respective malls and council estates and never again scratch the insides of our craniums with their inane, generic, dull drivel.

Feel free to call the writer of this article hurtful names by leaving a comment or you can agree and we’ll all have a backslapping party together and who knows, maybe even get some pitchforks and burning torches.

Read about the Beckham’s having another kid, David Beckham wanting to make it unlucky seven, speculation around Victoria Beckham’s next child.


Beyonce is pregnant

Beyonce stole the show at the MTV Video Music Awards yesterday…by revealing her baby bump.

The 29-year-old star was photographed wearing a floaty orange gown and cradling her belly, while saying: “I have a surprise!”

Her rep later confirmed to People: “I’m happy to say it’s true.”

Beyonce is pragnant

During the show, Beyonce performed her new single, Love on Top. As an introduction to the song, she asked the crowd to stand up: “I want you to stand up on your feet. I want you to feel the love that’s growing inside me,” she said.

After the performance, she unbuttoned her jacket and rubbed her stomach, much to the crowd’s delight.

“They told friends in the last month,” a source told People. “She’s never been happier. Seriously it’s all she’s been waiting for. And Jay is like an excited kid. They’re adorable.”

Beyonce has been married to 41-year-old rapper Jay-Z for the past three years. The pair were in a long-term relationship before tying the knot in a private ceremony in 2008. On Sunday, the singer cheered on her husband as he performed ‘Otis’ with Kanye West, before taking to the stage herself.

The announcement comes after a stellar summer for the Grammy-winner in which she headlined Glastonbury and released another hit album, 4.

[adsense]Beyonce has won a total of 16 Grammy awards and recently revealed that she felt it was time to put her career on the back burner and concentrate on her family. 

“Now I’m a woman, and because I gave it my all, I can focus on my marriage. I can decide I want to have kids. I can be the mother I want to be and dedicate myself to my children.”

Just this June, Beyonce, who turns 30 on Sept. 4, told Piers Morgan in an interview, “I always said I would have a baby at 30,” adding, “But I also said I was going to retire at 30. So I don’t know…I am not retiring, I tell you.”

When questioned further by Morgan she said: “Only God knows, only God knows.”

Another celebrity who has recently announced that she is pregnant is actress Jennifer Garner. Click here to also read about morning sickness, Alicia Silverstone giving birth recently and Tori Spelling tweeting about her third pregnancy.

Images: nonu photography and Mr Azed on Flikr

Jason Bateman to be a dad again

Jason Bateman is expecting a second daughter with wife Amanda Anka. “I’m going to be a grandfather again,” Anka’s father, singer Paul Anka, told ET Canada in an interview. The proud granfarther also added that the pair are expecting another baby girl.

The couple got married ten years ago  are already parents to 4-year-old Francesca Nora. Paul Anka says: “(Jason is) the actor in the family. He’s … a very smart boy, a wonderful guy for my daughter.”

Bateman and Anka, both 42, knew each other as casual acquaintances for years before they started dating in 1998. They wed in Malibu on July 3, 2001.

Bateman started his career as a child actor and rose to fame as an adult in the critically acclaimed comedy series Arrested Development. Anka, also an actress, has starred in shows such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The pair live in Los Angeles.

Bateman has said his favourite thing about fatherhood is “watching how they change everyday. It’s pretty cool.”

He also talked about his wife and the perks of being married: “You get to spend every day with your best friend. That’s pretty good. Instead of having to call them and arrange for plans, you wake up every day with each other. It’s nice,” he told US OK!

[adsense]Another celebrity who has recently announced that she is pregnant is British singer Lily Allen. Click here to also read about morning sickness, Alicia Silverstone giving birth recently and Tori Spelling tweeting about her third pregnancy.

Images: SpreePix on Flikr and Wikipedia

Jennifer Garner pregnant again

Jennifer Garner is expecting her third child with husband and fellow actor Ben Affleck. The couple are already parents to five-year-old Violet and two-year-old Seraphina and have stated that they are ‘thrilled’ to be pregnant again.

Garner and Affleck, both 39, have always described themselves as hands-on parents. The actress has previously commented on how she has found juggling motherhood and her career difficult to handle.

Jennifer Garner is pregnant again

‘I fake it like any working mom, and I run out the door,” she told People magazine at the premiere of her latest film, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, at the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. “If you looked in my bag, there’s a sippy cup in there right now!’

‘[I] feel like half my brain is somewhere else all the time, but when the camera’s rolling, I pull it together and focus for two minutes,” she added, “and then I kind of turn back to a ditz again. I have a split personality.’

However, the challenges pale in comparison to the pride and love Garner feels towards her little girls. On the red carpet of the premiere, she showed friends photos of Seraphina on her phone. ‘She’s so smiley!’, the star gushed as she did an imitation of her youngest daughter. 

And apparently Garner’s colleagues have not caught wind of her struggles.  ‘She’s such a good mom. I admire her so much,’ costar Lacey Chabert told People. ‘Her little girl is so smart and you can tell she really spends time with her. I just admire her that she can balance all of it.’

[adsense]Garner started dating Ben Affleck in 2004, after her divorce from previous husband Scott Foley. The pair met on the set of Daredevil and made their first official appearance together as a couple at a Boston Red Sox game. Affleck proposed to the actress on her 33rd birthday with a Harry Winston diamond ring. They married in a private Carribean ceremony in 2005, while Garner was already 3 months pregnant with their first daughter.

Garner gave birth to Violet Anne Affleck in December 2005. Seraphina Rose Elizabeth Affleck. was born in January 2009.

Another celebrity who has recently announced that she is pregnant is British singer Lily Allen. Click here to also read about morning sickness, Alicia Silverstone giving birth recently and Tori Spelling tweeting about her third pregnancy.

Images: Reza Vaziri on Flikr and Wikipedia

Ivanka Trump Gives Birth – Tweet tweet!

Another famo has squeezed one out and has chosen to inform the world by Tweeting.

Model, jewellery designer and TV personality (if being a judge on The Apprentice counts) and all round daughter of a squillionaire, Ivanka Trump announced the arrival of her firstborn on Sunday via the dubious public bullhorn of Twitter.

“We feel incredibly grateful and blessed. Thank you all for your support and well wishes!” ran the tweet.

Ivanka Trump - pregnant

Ivanka Trump - very pregnant

Trump converted to Judaism in 2009 in order to marry the baby’s father Jared Kushner who as owner of the New York Observer is no stranger to being sickeningly rich, himself.

When interviewed about the forthcoming child in Harper’s Bazaar in May this year Ivanka Trump told the magazine “We both said we wanted to wait one year and just enjoy being newlyweds. So we waited pretty much exactly that. Jared is ecstatic. She’ll be a daddy’s girl. I have a feeling they are going to gang up on me.”

[adsense]This as yet unnamed child makes Donald Trump a grandfather for the third time.

It must be strange being a famo. All those strangers reading your banal tweets and giving a shit. It’s destroyed the concept of celebrity as we know it. Famous people – back when they were stars – were either sophisticated, enigmatic or wild. They were urbane and had poise; they were shrouded in mystery; or they lived hedonistic lives of debauchery and big fat squelchy abandon. Finding out that Madonna ate popcorn for breakfast gave us an unparalleled insight into the life of the icon and it was something we could do too. Now Twitter is making it possible for us to infiltrate the lives of the famous. It is like leaving the backdoor open so we can peer in and see what celebrities are doing. They are like insects in a glass jar and we are removing the lid and peering in to watch them wriggle for us and they are inviting us to do so because without our attention, as celebrities, they die.

Twitter logo

Twitter: Follow me, like me, love me.

Nothing seems taboo when it comes to public bullhorning. Lily Allen tweeted about her miscarriage. Ashton Kutcher (who recently agreed to commit career suicide by replacing Charlie Sheen in Two and a Half Men) tweeted about Demi Moore “…My lovely wife through (sic) me a surprise party tonight with all of my friends. She’s the best and I love her so much.” Surely the gushy comments between a loved-up couple should be kept private. For all our sakes. If you want to proclaim unremitting love for your partner, do it discretely. That’s what makes it special. And proving that nothing is sacred, even the Dalai Lamar tweets.

Lily Allen

Lily Allen - tweeted about her miscarriage

I’m not vilifying Ivanka Trump for publicising her new arrival. I just find Twitter a bit distasteful. I liked the enigma of celebrity before Twitter came and made insects of them all.

If you would like to twitter on about Twitter or have a tweet about Ivanka Trump’s new bambino, take a moment to comment below:



Jane Krakowski gives birth to baby boy

30 Rock funny lady Jane Krakowski and fiance Robert Godley have  become first-time parents with the birth of their their son, Bennett.

“Jane Krakowski and Robert Godley are thrilled to announce the arrival of their baby boy, Bennett Robert Godley, born Wednesday, April 13, in New York,” the proud parents announced in a statement. “Bennett, the first child for both Jane and Robert, weighed 7 lbs 12 ounces and is sporting blonde hair just like his mom!”

The comedien, who gave birth to her son last Wednesday in New York City, maintained her sense of humor throughout her pregnancy. Earlier this year on the red carpet of the Screen Actors Guild Awards, the 42 year old told Guiliana Rancic, “I’ve never been so on trend in my entire life. Baby bumps are the new black.”  And on another occassion, speaking to People about her cravings she said: “I like to drink a lot of juice. I never drank juice in my life. Better than meth or crack.”

“Bennett is an amazing, healthy sweet boy and we are both just crazy in love with him,” Krakowski said to Us Weekly about her en vogue bundle of joy.

Jane and her fashion designer love got engaged last year in January and although she has yet to set a date to exchange vows, the bubbly blonde already has a dress style in mind. “I loved Gwen Stefani’s wedding dress,” she told People. “I’d like to pick something that’s nontraditional, whether it’s short and a mini skirt or a very high-fashion cocktail dress, or that sort of Gwen Stefani version.”

Read here about Mexican actor Gael Garcia Bernal, who recently became a dad for the second time round.

Images: Wikimedia Commons and PR Photos






Gael Garcia Bernal welcomes baby girl

Mexican actor  and director Gael Garcia Bernal and his Argentinian girlfriend Dolores Fonzi have become parents to their second child, a sister for their two-year-old son.

The couple, who have named their new born Libertad — Spanish for freedom — took to Twitter to announce the happy news. “We share with you that our daughter was born.”

“Libertad, her name. Libertad!” Bernal tweeted. “After the best week of my life — it just keeps getting better — I thank you infinitely for your congratulations.”

Bernal and Fonzi, who had been friends for several years since starring together in the Spanish movie Vidas Privadas, started dating in 2007 and two years later they welcomed their son Lazaro to the world.

The 32 year old, previously romantically linke with Natalie Portman, became an international star in 2001 after his role in Alfonso Cuaron’s Y Tu Mamá También. He has since starred in a number of highly acclaimed movies including Amores Perros and The Motorcycle Diaries. Bernal most recently starred opposite Kate Hudson in romantic comedy A Little Bit Of Heaven.

Images: Wikimedia Commons and