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Sharon Stone Overcame an Aneurysm While Living With Diabetes

Sharon Stone’s career has been in the spotlight since she made her breakthrough in the 1980s. The famously blonde Hollywood star certainly gave a lot of men cause to remember her performances in movies like ‘Basic Instinct’. After the initial commotion she turned to more serious roles as witnessed in ‘Casino’, playing alongside Robert De […]

Get creative with Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini is thought to be a form of spiritual energy which resides in the lower back, often visualized as a coiled snake. In Sanskrit Kundalini translates as “that which is coiled” taken from the word Kunda which means “to coil”.

Hay Fever: The Facts

Millions suffer from hay fever every year. Click here to read more about the condition.


Asthma is a common illness affecting the airways. Click here to read about the condition affecting millions worldwide.

Immunotherapy useful for asthmatics

Allergy shots which are called allergen immunotherapy in medical terms can also reduce the dependency on inhaled medications as also allergy attacks.

What is World Asthma Day?

Every first Tuesday in May is World Asthma Day. This year, its organisers will be advocating how to best control the disease.

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