Sick Celebrities

James Brown's death caused by Pneumonia

The lives of celebrities are often perceived as easy or great by the public but they’re not always a bed of roses. Like any non-famous person they too have to deal with difficulties but with the added pressure of the public eye on them and perhaps few had it as rough as James Brown – […]

Drew Carey's Amazing Weight Loss

For an age, Drew Carey fell into ‘the cute and cuddly’ category; a status which is as cursed as it is revered. The pudgy, bespectacled comedian was always overweight but at 52-years-old ‘The Price Is Right’ host realized how much of an effect his obesity was having on his health. Drew was diagnosed with diabetes […]

Andrew Lloyd Webber's Prostate Cancer Episode

Andrew Lloyd Webber, famous composer and the brains behind no less than 13 successful musicals including Cats, Phantom of the Opera and Starlight Express, is celebrated worldwide and his stageshows are revered across the globe. The British-born composer and producer, who penned his first piece at the age of nine, has received countless awards, including […]

Complications with Diabetes Contributed to Brittany Murphy's Death

Former actress and drug abuser, Brittany Murphy, was found unresponsive in the shower by her mother who told paramedics that her ailing daughter suffered with Type 2 Diabetes. Type 2 diabetes, or ‘diabetes mellitus type 2’, is the most common form of diabetes and occurs when the pancreas is unable to produce enough insulin, or […]

Burt Reynolds on his Addiction to Painkillers

Moustache-toting Hollywood actor, Burt Reynolds, entered himself into a rehabilitation clinic in Florida in order to receive treatment for his addiction to painkillers. Reynolds fell into the dependency trap after undergoing surgery on his back but after the initial pain subsided he realized he couldn’t stop taking the medication. He checked himself into the Hanley […]

Diabetic Shock led to Casey Johnson's Death

The surprising death of Casey Johnson, heir to the Johnson & Johnson empire, initiated a media circus with some wild speculation as to what exactly caused the 30-year-old’s untimely exit. The scramble over the line dredged up many dirty secrets but the major assumption was that Casey’s death was related to illegal drug abuse. The […]

Dennis Hopper dies of Prostate Cancer

Veteran actor and artist Dennis Hopper was been diagnosed with prostate cancer and his manager, Sam Maydew, confirmed the 73-year-old was cancelling all appearances to undergo what he called a “special program” at the University of Southern California. “We’re hoping for the best,” Maydew said, without going into further details about the actor’s condition. The […]

DJ Adam Goldstein's accidental death

Adam ‘DJ AM’ Goldstein was found in his apartment after a friend reportedly went to his apartment to check on him. There was no response at the door so he called the police who gained access to the star’s home where they found his body. Police found several bottles of prescription medication in the DJ’s […]

TV on the Radio Bassist Gerard Smith died of Lung Cancer

Gerard Smith, the bassist for the arty funk/rock band, TV on the Radio, died tragically at the age of 34 as a result of complications with lung cancer. At the time the band cancelled their shows in Chicago, Denver, Detroit and Minneapolis, having previously made an announcement about Smith on their official website in March […]

Hollywood Icon Tony Curtis Died of a Heart Attack

The handsome and enigmatic star, Tony Curtis, with a memorable and diverse acting career that spanned over six decades and roles in over 140 Hollywood movies, died in his Nevada home of a heart attack. The Oscar-nominated actor is still as popular posthumously as he was when alive thanks to his performances in films like ‘Some […]

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