Sick Celebrities

Mischa Barton has been released from hospital

The young actress was permitted to leave the Los Angeles Cedars-Sinai Medical Center where she was placed under involuntary psychiatric hold on July 15. Los Angeles police had brought Barton to hospital under Code 5150 after receiving a disturbing phone call from her friends.

Nick Jonas won’t let diabetes stop him

A strapping 17-year-old and the youngest member of hit teenie band The Jonas Brothers, Nick Jonas doesn’t let his type 1 diabetes get him down. Diagnosed in 2005, Nick has since advocated for funding research into the disease that affects so many.

Bret Michaels and his diabetes

Bret Michaels is the lead singer of 80s and 90s “big hair” glam rock band Poison. After being photographed injecting himself backstage at a concert, he was accused of taking heroin. Only then did Michaels announce that he has Type 1 diabetes.

Anal Cancer

Anal cancer occurs at the very end of the digestive system, namely in the lower intestine’s rectum. Anal cancer is a highly treatable form of cancer, which usually responds well to surgery and chemotherapy.

Pancreatic cancer

Pancreatic cancer is a particularly aggressive type of cancer that occurs in the body’s pancreas – a part of the endocrine system and the digestive system. One statistic suggests that only five percent of those diagnosed with pancreatic cancer are alive five years later. Why is it so aggressive?

Demi Moore’s $350,000 beauty job

According to Demi Moore, ageism in Hollywood is an unfortunate reality. She had head to toe cosmetic surgery worth over $350,000 to make her look younger, and she stunned audiences with appearance in ‘Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle’. So why isn’t having the body of a 25-year-old at 40 making her happy?

Christina Applegate’s success over breast cancer

Everybody’s ditzy darling from TV’s “Married … With Children” has spent most of her life being the center of attention. She made no exception when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, as she spoke openly about her double mastectomy and further treatment.

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