Sick Celebrities

Kylie Minogue: comeback after breast cancer

Australia’s darling and the princess of pop, Kylie Minogue, is a woman of many talents. From actress to singer to performer and designer Kylie touches her wide spectrum of fans. Her Showgirl tour, presenting her greatest hits, was postponed due to a shock diagnosis.

Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is one of the world’s deadliest cancer killers. Find out its causes, symptoms and treatment here.

Prostate cancer – the facts

All men have a potential risk of getting prostate cancer. 80 percent of men will have had prostate cancer by the age of 80. What are the risk factors and what can you do to prevent it? Find out here.

Bob Marley: Could he have prevented his cancer death?

Reggae legend Bob Marley died in 1981 aged just 36. He had skin, lung, stomach, liver and brain cancer. It was caused by a simple foot injury. Could his death have been prevented with the amputation of a single toe?

Testicular cancer

Testicular cancer is the most common cancer among young Caucasian males. While it has a high cure rate, it is still something men in their 20s and 30s need to be aware of. What is testicular cancer, and do you have any of the symptoms?

Celebrities with addictions

What do Jamie Lee Curtis, Heath Ledger, Anna Nicole Smith and Lindsay Lohan all have in common? For decades now, drug consumption and addiction have played a notorious role in the lives of Hollywood stars. But now a new problem is on the increase – prescription drug abuse.

What is cervical cancer?

Cervical cancer occurs in the cervix of a women’s reproductive system. It is specifically located at the lower end of the uterus, connecting it to the vagina.While it is the fifth most deadly cancer for women, regular screening can prevent invasive and intense treatment.

Did Michael Jackson’s addiction kill him?

The premature death of ‘King of Pop’ has left many fans questioning the musician’s lifestyle. The investigation into his death on June 25 has revealed Jackson was addicted to several medications simultaneously. What were these medications and why did he take them excessively – and most importantly, did the doctor who prescribed these medications administer the lethal injection?

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