Feds nix proposal to ban food stamps for sodas

Government over reach if people on food stamps are not allowed to buy any beverages with 10 calories per 8 ounces (Milk has far more calories than that), with those food stamps.

The majority of people on food stamps these days are the working poor, the elderly or disabled and those who previously had jobs (for 20, 30, 40, 50 years) but had their jobs outsourced and have gone through their savings, cashed in their 401k’s and were finally forced to go onto unemployment insurance. Even our military families are on food stamps these days as the price of everything goes up, while wages and jobs continues to go down.

100% fruit juice is far more expensive than soda and the majority of ‘fruit beverages’ are 10% fruit juice and sugar water.

Remember also that you could be in the same position as many Americans are, through no fault of your own, would YOU really want the government telling YOU what you were allowed to purchase?

I know a family, 1 husband, 1 wife 2 growing children. They have both been out of work for over 2 years. They have 2 cars that are paid for but they look like new because them keep them clean. First, they went through their savings, then they both had to cash in their 401K’s at great tax penalty. They finally had to go on unemployment 3 months ago and it doesn’t come anywhere near their former income. Additionally, they’ve now gone on food stamps and receive the maximum allowed benefit of $300 per month. $300.00 per month does not cover food costs for 4 people and the parents often don’t eat to make sure the children get nutritious food, as well as milk. The parents each drink a liter of soda per week and you want to tell them that while they are taking care of their family on less than minimum wage (unemployment is less than minimum wage), looking for work, they can’t have a soda? They don’t drink alcohol, they don’t smoke, they don’t go out to eat and they don’t buy a massive amount of “junk food”. Maybe a bag of sun chips every once in a while but their cart isn’t filled with steaks, lobsters or caviar as some of you seem to think. They have chicken, fresh fruits and veggies, hamburger meat, potatoes, rice, beans, milk and 100% juices.

Control freaks, stop trying to tell other people how to live.