California Anti-Obesity Campaign Photoshops Skinny Kid to Look …

An anti-obesity ad campaign being run by the California Children and Families  Commission digitally altered a little girl to make her look fatter.  This is something anyone with a smart phone or iPod can do with the free fattify App.  It takes your picture and plumps you up like a Ball Park Frank without the cooking.

Three thoughts.

First, can we blame Jerry Brown (or whomever is running this campaign) for every girl who becomes bulimic or anorexic as a result of this (and could they then be counted as casualties in the objectification front of the war on women?)

Second, if we developed one of these for California’s obese budget and obese debt (Do one for the Obama Admin while we’re at it) , and showed it around Sacramento (Or DC), does anyone think that would have any effect…at all?

Third, and the obvious; if obesity is such a huge problem, why did they have to fattify a skinny kid? (Answer: because of political correctness.  It would be mean to use obese kids, after all.)  At least they didn’t blow them up for emitting CO2 (yet).