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Women stick to diet for an average of 19 days, say researchers


According to the new health report published in, most of the women on a diet stick to it for less than three weeks before they again take to binging on fatty foods. The researchers have also found out the fact that a typical woman tries to cut down on her regular calorie intake at least three times in a particular year.

The average period of a diet for a woman is around 19 days and the most common temptations to make them go off track are chocolates, wine and crisps. Every time women attempt losing weight, it costs them £161.75 on gym, exercise clothes, magazines and slimming clubs.

“Women tend to go all out in a bid to shed pounds. But sticking to a restricted diet for any length of time is difficult, which is why it is better to introduce a more realistic routine involving regular exercise and healthy eating,” Tina Clare, of said.

According to, she is of the view that women should introduce changes in their lifestyle that they can stick to for a lifetime so that they can enjoy the benefits in the long run.

Most of the women face temptation for chocolate and other food items at 3pm and 8pm. It is thus important for women to keep a check on what they eat and incorporate realistic and achievable changes in their lives.

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