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Woman pregnant with two babies – but they’re not twins


Angie Cromar from Utah was excited to find out that she was pregnant, and that she was having two babies. Her first ultrasound, however, was shocking to herself and her doctor: these two babies aren’t twins. In fact, they don’t share a womb. These babies are each growing in their owns wombs.

Angie has a rare condition called didelphys, which means she has two uteruses. Angie was reportedly aware she had this condition, and had normal pregnancies with her other two children. This time she actually conceived in both of her wombs, about a week apart. This means she was already pregnant with one baby when she conceived the other. After consulting with her doctor, at the time Angie said “[He said] I’m five weeks and four days in one, and six weeks and one day in the other,” the Los Angeles Times reported.

The chances of this happening are so rare, they are estimated to be at one in five million. According to the Los Angeles Times, Angie’s doctor says fewer than 100 double pregnancies have occurred worldwide.

34-year-old Angie, who is a labor and delivery nurse, says she was happy about the news, but also a little anxious about the birth.

“Oh, I’m a little nervous, just because I know what can happen, but I’m really excited,” The Sun quotes her as saying.

Angie is currently pregnant at 20 weeks.

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