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What is mesotherapy all about?


Mesotherapy was invented by a French physician called Dr. Michel Pistor in the 1950s. It is a minimally invasive medical procedure initially used to treat conditions such as rheumatism and sports injuries, Consulting Room states. Since then, it has evolved into a popular cosmetic treatment, helping hair regrowth, skin rejuvination and cellulite reduction, among other things.

The procedure is widely used in France and other parts of Europe and was introduced in the US in the late 1990s by Dr. Lionel Bissoon, according to According to Consulting Room, statistics from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) state that just under 29,000 Americans had mesotherapy treatment in 2006, a 505% increase on 2005 figures.

How does it work to combat cellulite?

Mesotherapy works by targeting affected areas with microinjections, containing either conventional or homeopathic medicines, vitamins and minerals. These shots are delivered to the mesoderm (the middle layer of the skin), hence its name.

The mixture aims to break down cellulite, improve circulation and lymphatic and venous drainage, according to, and added vitamins encourage the tone of overlying skin. Treatment takes approximately ten minutes and the patient can go back to normal day-to-day activity.

Injections are usually administered twice a week over a period of 4 to 8 weeks, depending on how severe the cellulite is. Results are reportedly noticeable very soon after each procedure, but require annual maintenance through repeated treatment. Patients who make moderate lifestyle changes at the same time as undergoing treatment can lose up to 2cm from the circumference of their thighs after just 6 sessions, claims.

What are the risks?

Mesotherapy is a relatively painless and safe treatment. The needles used are usually fine and cause only a minimal amount of pain. The affected area may appear slightly bruised or swollen for about 12 to 36 hours afterwards and on rare occasion, some people experience allergic reactions. Anyone prone to allergies should discuss this thoroughly with their doctor before beginning treatment.

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